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Douglas Farenick

Dean of Science

Office: Laboratory Building 224
Phone: 306-585-4143

Research interests
Operator theory, operator algebras, quantum information theory

Recent Publications

1) D. Farenick, A. Kavruk, V.I. Paulsen, I.G. Todorov. Characterisations of the weak expectation property. New York Journal of Mathematics, 24a (2018), 107-135.

2) Farenick, Douglas; Rahaman, Mizanur. Bures contractive channels on operator algebras. New York J. Math., 23 (2017), 1369–1393.

3) Farenick, Douglas; Jaques, Samuel; Rahaman, Mizanur. The fidelity of density operators in an operator-algebraic framework. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 57 (2016), 102202, 15 pp.


1) D. Farenick, Fundamentals of Functional Analysis. Springer, New York. 2016.

2) D. Farenick, Algebras of Linear Transformations. Springer, New York. 2001.