James McVittie

Assistant Professor
Chair of Statistical Consulting Group

Office: CW307.12
E-mail: james.mcvittie@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-5080
Pronoun(s): He/Him
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/jameshughmcvittie/home

Current classes
STAT/MATH 251 Introduction to Probability, STAT 354 Linear Statistical Methods

Research interests

Survival Analysis, Statistical Inference, Combined Cohort Methodologies, Measurement Error, Biostatistics

Recent Publications

1) McVittie, James Hugh; Asgharian, Masoud; A nonparametric test for equality of survival medians using right-censored prevalent cohort survival data. Stat. Methods Med. Res. 31 (2022), no. 12, 2431–2441.

2) McVittie, J; Wolfson, D; Addona, V; Li, Z. Stacked survival models for residual lifetime data. BMC Medical Research Methodology. 22(10) (2022), 1-10.

3) McVittie, James Hugh; Addona, V. A risk set adjustment for proportional hazards modeling of combined cohort data. J. Appl. Stat. 49 (2022), no.11, 2913-2927

4) McVittie, J; Best, A; Wolfson, D; Stephens, D; Wolfson, J; Buckeridge, D; Gadalla, S. Survival Modelling for Data from Combined Cohorts: Opening the Door to Meta Survival Analyses and Survival Analysis using Electronic Health Records. International Statistical Review. (2022), doi: 10.1111/insr.12510.