Donald Stanley

Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee; NSERC Evaluation Group Member

Office: CW 307.21
Phone: 306-585-4343

Current classes
Math 441 General Topology, Math 841 General Topology

Research interests
Geometric constructions in homotopy theory, commutative algebra

Recent Publications

1) Dell'Ambrogio, Ivo; Stanley, Donald.  Affine weakly regular tensor triangulated categories.  Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 285 (2016), 93-109.

2) Stanley, Donald; van Roosmalen, Adam-Christiaan.  Derived equivalences for hereditary Artin algebras.  Advances in Mathematics, 303 (2016), 415-463.

3) H. Li, Hui, M. Olbermann, D. Stanley, One-connectivity and finiteness of Hamiltonian S^1-manifolds with minimal fixed sets, J. Lond. Math. Soc. (2) 92 (2015), 284-310.