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Andrei Volodin

Co-op Work/Study Coordinator

Office: CW 307.27
Phone: 306-585-4771

Current classes
ACSC 418/STAT 418/STAT 818 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Research interests
Statistical inference, limit theorems, distributions on abstract spaces, bootstrap

Recent Publications

1)  Sungboonchoo, Chanakan; Ngamkham, Thuntida; Panichkitkosolkul, Wararit; Volodin, Andrei. Confidence estimation of the cross-product ratio of binomial proportions under different sampling schemes. Lobachevskii J. Math. 42 (2021), no. 2, 435–450.

2) Singhasomboon, Lapasrada; Panichkitkosolkul, Wararit; Volodin, Andrei. Point estimation for the ratio of medians of two independent log-normal distributions. Lobachevskii J. Math. 42 (2021), no. 2, 415–425.

3) Kokaew, A.; Thaithanan, J.; Bodhisuwan, W.; Volodin, A. Confidence estimation of a ratio of binomial proportions for dependent populations. Lobachevskii J. Math. 42 (2021), no. 2, 394–403.

4) Ordóñez Cabrera, Manuel; Rosalsky, Andrew; Ünver, Mehmet; Volodin, Andrei. On the concept of B-statistical uniform integrability of weighted sums of random variables and the law of large numbers with mean convergence in the statistical sense. TEST 30 (2021), no. 1, 83–102. 

5) Hu, Tien-Chung; Rosalsky, Andrew; Volodin, Andrei; Zhang, Sen. A complete convergence theorem for row sums from arrays of rowwise independent random elements in Rademacher type p Banach spaces. II. Stoch. Anal. Appl. 39 (2021), no. 1, 177–193.