Andrei Volodin

Co-op Work/Study Coordinator

Office: CW 307.27
Phone: 306-585-4771

Current classes
Acsc/Stat 456 Applied Stochastic Processes, Stat 495AE/872 Large Sample Methods

Research interests
Statistical inference, limit theorems, distributions on abstract spaces, bootstrap

Recent Publications

1) Xie, Xuanqian; Wang, Myra; Ng, Vivian; Volodin, Andrei. Calibrating time-dependent one-year relative survival ratio for selected cancers. Lobachevskii J. Math. 39 (2018), no. 5, 722–729.

2) Shen, Aiting; Volodin, Andrei. Weak and strong laws of large numbers for arrays of rowwise END random variables and their applications. Metrika, 80 (2017), no. 6-8, 605–625.

3) Shen, Aiting; Zhang, Yu; Xiao, Benqiong; Volodin, Andrei. Moment inequalities for -negatively associated random variables and their applications. Statist. Papers, 58 (2017), no. 3, 911–928.