Applied Mathematies & Statistics

Applied mathematics refers to any discipline in which the development of mathematical tools is the main objective. Some examples are:

  • the study of how blood flows through the cardiovascular system;
  • number-theoretic encryption for secure internet commerce; and
  • development of models for understanding the folding process in proteins.

Applied mathematics also involves a good knowledge of statistical science, which is fundamental to the analysis and interpretation of data.

BSc Program

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Students who graduate from the BSc program Applied Mathematics & Statistics will be proficient in the uses of mathematics, especially with calculus, matrix algebra, differential equations, probability, and statistics. These graduates will also have been exposed to some computer science and higher level mathematical reasoning in the form of mathematical proof.

Suggested First & Second Year for BSc Applied Mathematics & Statistics Majors

Fall Semester

Winter Semester

Year 1

MATH 110 
STAT 160 
CS 110 
ENGL 100 
Natural Science Elective

MATH 111 
MATH 122 
ENGL 110 
Natural Science Elective
Arts/Fine Arts Elective

Year 2

MATH 213 
MATH 217
MATH 261 
STAT 251

MATH 221
STAT 252 

In order to plan third and fourth year classes, use the Course Planner.


For further program inquiries, please contact the Academic Program Coordinator.