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Mathematics and Mathematics Education

The five-year BEd/BSc program in Mathematics & Mathematics Education is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of mathematics as well as prepare for a potential career in secondary education. The program results in two degrees being awarded: the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Education degrees. Graduates from the program will be educators with an enhanced specialization in mathematics.

Students entering this program must consult with the Faculty of Science with regards to BSc requirements and with the Faculty of Education with regards to the BEd requirements. Students require a teacher education minor to fulfill the requirements for the BEd.

Click here to view/download the course requirements for this program.

Suggested Five Year Schedule

Fall Semester

Winter Semester

Year 1

ECS 100
ENGL 100
CS 110
MATH 110
Natural Science Elective

ECS 110
MATH 111 
MATH 122
Natural Science Elective

Year 2

ECS 200
ENGL 110
MATH 213
MATH 221
STAT 160

ECS 300
MATH 217
MATH 222
EMTH 200

Year 3

ECS 210
EMTH 300 (major curr. course)
MATH 223
MATH or STAT above 250 or ACSC 116
E (minor curr. course)

MATH 305
MATH or STAT above 250 or ACSC 116
Arts or Fine Arts Elective
Science Elective (outside of major)

Year 4

MATH 312
Arts of Fine Arts Elective
Arts of Fine Arts Elective

ECS 310
ECS 350
ECS 410
EFLD 060 (PLACE) (0)
EMTH 350 (major inst. course)
EMTH 351 (major educ. course)

Year 5

EFLD 400 (Internship)

EPSY 400
EMTH 450 (major post-internship course)
MATH 300 or 400-level
MATH 300 or 400-level
Arts of Fine ArtsElective


For further program inquiries, please contact the Academic Program Coordinator.