Sample Final Exams for Courses in Calculus, Statistics, Finite Mathematics, and Linear Algebra

Recent 100-Level Final Exams in Finite Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics

To help you prepare for your final exam, below is a selection of recent final exams in 100-level linear algebra, finite mathematics, calculus, and statistics courses. Keep in mind that the emphasis on a particular topic may change slightly from semester to semester, and so the topics of the sample exam you select may not coincide entirely with the topics you are expected to know.

Math 101 (Introductory Finite Mathematics I)

Math 102 (Mathematical Modelling and Precalculus)

Math 103 (Applied Calculus I)

Math 110 (Calculus I)

Math 111 (Calculus II)

Math 122 (Linear Algebra I)

Stat 100 (Elementary Statistics for Applications)

Stat 160 (Introductory Statistics)

Stat 200 (Intermediate Statistics for Applications)