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Mathematics and Statistics - Student Travel Awards

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics recognizes the importance and value of having our students attend and participate in mathematics conferences and workshops to enhance their overall academic experience both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. For this reason, the Department has created a Conference Travel Award for eligible students.

Students enrolled in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (either in an undergraduate or graduate degree program) are eligible to apply for funding for partial support to attend a conference or workshop. Preference will be given to students who present at the conference, either in the form of a talk or a poster. Preference is given to full-time students, students in Honours programs and students currently working as research assistants. A student may receive an award only once per academic year and must be in good standing at the University of Regina.

To apply for a student travel award, applicants must send an email to mathstat.head@uregina.ca detailing information about: proof of their academic standing, the conference or workshop they wish to attend, their planned presentation, and their need for financial support.  In addition, applicants should arrange for a letter of support from a faculty member to be sent directly to the Department Head in Mathematics and Statistics.

The deadline to submit applications for conference travel awards is June 1.  Applicants will be notified of a decision, including, if appropriate, a funding amount, within 3 weeks of receipt of a complete application. The Department Head may choose review applications submitted at other times throughout the year depending on the particular circumstances.

If successful, the student will receive reimbursement of travel expenses totaling the awarded amount after the meeting and upon completion and submission of a standard travel expenses claims form, which must include appropriate original receipts and boarding passes.