B.Sc. Major in Physics

The regular B.Sc. program is intended for students who wish to study physics as part of a general education or to combine physics with other disciplines to pursue a career in areas such as science journalism, or technology transfer to medicine and industry. A B.Sc. in physics, combined with proper electives, is suitable pre-training for programs in Law, Medicine or Business Administration (Master's). A large number of electives also allows one the opportunity to obtain a significant background in another science discipline, such as Computer Science, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, or Physical Geography. Of these, the most accessible choice is Mathematics, because of the large overlap in the programs. A combination degree of a major in Physics, with a minor in Biology, may also be considered good preparation for a graduate program in Biophysics. Finally, it is also possible to combine a major in physics with one of the arts, especially philosophy.

B.Sc. Major Timetable