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Entrance Criteria

At the time of application for admission to the physics co-op program, a student must meet the following entrance criteria:

  • achieved a minimum WPA of 70% in courses required for the major, and overall.
  • completed between 30 and 60 credit hours towards the B.Sc. degree.

Normally, the first placement occurs after four semesters of study, although in special circumstances earlier placement may be possible with the permission of the physics co-op coordinator. At the time of the first placement, a student must have successfully completed five physics classes (at least three at the 200 level), three mathematics classes (at least one at the 200 level), and two computer science classes, at least one of which must include Unix and C programming.

Continuing requirements

Successful completion of four work terms is required for the co-op designation, although five work terms are scheduled to allow for maximum flexibility in the implementation of the student's program. One of the first two work terms must be in a fall or winter semester (i.e. both may not be in summer semesters). To continue in the co-op program, a student must maintain a WPA of 65% and must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours in each academic semester between work terms.

Work term report and presentation

Students must submit a work term report for grading at the end of each work term. Reports are due on the Friday of the second full week of classes following the work term. Students must also make a 10 minute (ungraded) presentation on their report at a time arranged by the co-op coordinator.

Failed work terms

Late or unacceptable reports or unacceptable employer evaluations result in a failed work term. A student who fails one work term will be placed on probation. A second failure will result in dismissal from the co-op program.