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Constitution for the Physics Students Society of the University of Regina

Article 1 - Name

1.1 The official name of the club shall be the Physics Students Society. No other name shall be used in the advertisement or representation of the club. In the constitution, the organization shall be referred to by the initials of the organization (PSS).

Article 2 - Purpose

2.1 To promote social interaction between the younger undergraduate students and the more senior students, as well as the graduate students.

2.2 To provide fellow students with assistance in coursework and in learning physics.

2.3 To promote physics and the study of physics to the university community as well as in local high schools.

Article 3 - Membership

3.1 All students registered in the physics program (honours, co-op, applied, education, graduate, or bachelor's) shall be eligible for membership in the PSS. There is no maximum limit on membership.

3.2 Students who are pursuing a minor in physics, or are taking physics courses are also eligible for membership.

3.3 Membership shall be obtained at an annual cost decided upon by the executive at the first executive meeting.

Article 4 - Executive

4.1 The elected executive shall consist of:

a. President, who shall be a member of the PSS, with restrictions as stated in Article (4.6).

b. Vice President, who shall be a member of the PSS. We encourage a second year student to run for this position.

c. Secretary/Treasurer, who shall be a member of the PSS.

d. Chief Information Officer, who shall be a member of the PSS.

e. First Year Representative, who shall be a first year student who is a member of the PSS.

f. Second Year Representative, who shall be a second year student who is a member of the PSS.

g. Third Year Representative, who shall be a third year student who is a member of the PSS.

h. Senior Representative, who shall be a fourth or fifth year student who is a member of the PSS.

i. Graduate Representative, who shall be a graduate student who is a member of the PSS.

4.2 The honourary executive position of Past President shall be offered to the student who last held the presidency, in the event they decline the position, it may then be offered to his/her predecessor and so on until filled.

4.3 No member of the Physics Society may hold more than one elected position on the PSS executive, except in the case of emergencies as defined in Article (5.7).

4.4 All executive members shall hold equal voting privileges.

4.5 In the event of a resignation by a member of the executive, a by-election shall be held to determine a successor.

4.6 The position of President may only be filled by a member of the PSS who plans to attend the University of Regina in the academic year following their term.

Article 5 - Duties of the Executive

5.1 The Past President shall act as an advisor to the new Executive Committee.

5.2 The President shall preside over all meetings, oversee the other members of the Executive Committee in their duties, coordinate all PSS activities, and has signing authority for the PSS.

5.3 The Vice President assists the President in his/her duties, and assumes all powers of the President in the event of his/her absence. He/She also has signing authority for the PSS.

5.4 The Secretary Treasurer is responsible for all financial dealings of the PSS, keeping complete records of all financial transactions, recording the minutes of all meetings, and also has signing authority for the PSS.

5.5 The Representative members of the PSS shall represent the students in their year at all executive meetings, and are responsible for informing the students they represent of the activities and general meetings of the PSS.

5.6 An elected executive assumes authority on April 1. A meeting of the new executive must be held within seven (7) days in order to begin a budget for the following academic year, as well as set out meeting dates as required by Article (7).

5.7 In the event of an emergency wherein a majority of the Executive Committee cannot perform their duties for an extended period of time, an emergency meeting must be held where members of the PSS can be appointed to Acting positions by simply majority vote until such time that an election is held to formally elect Executive members.

5.8 All members of the Executive should provide informal reports detailing activities, procedures, and recommendations at the end of the academic year for the future Executive in order to ensure continuity of operation.

Article 6 - Finances

6.1 The Executive is responsible for setting a membership fee for the PSS annually.

6.2 The finances of the organization must be handled exclusively by the PSS and kept separate from any other group.

6.3 Any surplus resulting from the yearly operation of the PSS should be transferred to reserve for future use, an no part of the surplus shall be payable to any member.

6.4 In the event of the dissolution of the group, all surplus and assets should be transferred to a similar group with the same membership and purpose. All funds shall be held in trust by the Department of Physics at the University of Regina until such a transfer is possible.

Article 7 - Meetings

7.1 There shall be General Meetings held by the PSS when one is requested by a PSS member.

7.2 Special General Meetings may be called at any time by the President upon resolution by the Executive Committee.

7.3 Business should be submitted for placement on the agenda of the General Meeting.

7.4 Notice of at least seven (7) days must be given in writing for all General Meetings. Such notice is to include the general agenda of the meeting.

7.5 A quorum shall consist of one-third of the total membership.

7.6 Executive Meetings shall be held every month at a time and place set by the Executive Committee during the academic year.

7.7 The President and Vice President each may call special Executive Meetings as they require.

7.8 A quorum shall consist of half of the executives.

7.9 In the event of opposition to an executive decision, the decision may be taken to a vote of the membership by a petition signed by fifty percent (50%) of the members of the PSS.

Article 8 - Elections

8.1 Elections for the Executive Committee shall be held during the month of March, with the exact date determined by the Executive Committee.

8.2 The Executive Committee of the PSS must be elected from and by the membership by a majority vote.

8.3 All those who wish to run for an executive position must submit an application to any member of the Executive Committee.

8.4 Applications for running for election must be completed no later than one week prior to the election.

8.5 Each member of the executive must have passed their previous year and must maintain a passing average during their term in office. If these conditions are not fulfilled by any member of the executive, that person must immediately vacate the position with they hold by the first day of the university term following the exams, and a by-election held as defined in Article (8.7).

8.6 Election of executives shall be determined by secret ballot.

8.7 In the event of a vacancy in the Executive Committee, a by-election shall be held within two weeks of the occurrence of the vacancy.

8.8 All members in good standing shall be entitled to vote in executive election and General Meetings.

Article 9 - Amendments

9.1 Any changes to the Constitution of the PSS must be approved at a General Meeting, where a quorum is present, by a two-thirds majority vote.

9.2 Any proposed amendments and/or additions to the constitution must be presented in writing to the Executive Committee. At the next Executive Meeting, the executive will decide whether or not the change will be considered by the full membership. Those who proposed the changes may present their arguments at this time. If a two-thirds majority of the executive believes the changes are reasonable for consideration by the full membership, then the debate over the proposed changes to the Constitution will be placed on the agenda for the next General Meeting.

Article 10 - Impeachment

10.1 A motion to remove a member of the club must be signed by at least fifty percent (50%) of the regular members of the PSS.

10.2 The motion shall be presented in writing at an Executive Meeting of the PSS where it shall be added to the agenda of the next General Meeting of the PSS, whereupon the impeached individual will be given the right to defend his/her actions.

10.3 A quorum must be present at the Executive Meeting to consider a motion to remove a member of the PSS.

10.4 A two-thirds majority vote of the members present at the General Meeting shall be required to remove a member of the PSS, and any responsibilities and/or privileges therein.