On-Campus and Off-Campus Supports


  • Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator (SVPR): Call Lynn Thera at 306-337-3149 or e-mail sexual.violence.response@uregina.ca, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The SVPR can assist either survivors or their supports in person, or by telephone or e-mail. Supports can include listening, accompaniment to appointments or to seek medical attention, referrals to both on- and off-campus resources, advocacy for deferrals, extensions and/or other academic accommodations, and general information. You do not have to make a report to access University of Regina services. You will be listened to, respected, and believed!

  • Student Mental Health Services: 306-337-2200

  • URPride Centre for Sexual & Gender Diversity: 306-337-8811

  • ta-tawaw student centre: 306-337-315

  • UR International: 306-585-5082


  • Regina Sexual Assault Centre: call 306-522-2777 for appointment or 306-352-0434 for 24 hr crisis line 

  • Family Services Regina (intimate partner violence, stalking, or counselling): 306-757-6675

  • Mobile Crisis (24 hrs): 306-757-0127

  • Domestic Violence Shelters (24 hrs):

    • Transition House: 306-757-2096

    • YWCA Isabel Johnson Shelter: 306-525-2141

    • Wish: 306-543-0493

  • Medical support:

    • Planned Parenthood: 306-522-0902