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Important BSW Deadlines
Jan. 15 BSW Application for Admission
Jan. 31 Spring Convocation
Mar. 1 Fall Practicum
July 31 Fall Convocation
Oct. 1 Winter Practicum
Pre-Social Work Admission Deadlines
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Students who have attended academic advising with a Faculty of Social Work Program Advisor will be able to register themselves online in courses through UR Self Service. An online video tutorial demonstrates course registration.

New for 2019: Students must enter their Social Insurance Number (SIN) before registering for Spring/Summer or Fall courses.  We strongly recommend that students enter their SIN in UR Self-Service as early as possible to avoid any delays in registering. For full details, please refer to the Registrar's Office website.

Students must check their 'time ticket' each semester to find out when they are eligible to begin registering for courses, and to see if there are any holds on their account.   All schedules are subject to change. 

Students may find their time-ticket and possible holds on their account by following these directions:

  • log in to UR Self Service
  • click Student Services
  • click Registration
  • click Check Registration Status.

There are two types of holds which may appear on a student's account: academic and financial.  Students whose accounts have holds preventing registration are encouraged to contact:

  • Academic hold: The Faculty of Social Work
  • Financial hold: Financial Services (306) 585.4123(306) 585.4123

The class schedule is available online and should be explored prior to registration.  Students wishing to request permission to enroll courses that are restricted, full or other, may do so by obtaining the necessary approval and submitting a signedpdf registration permit-override form to the Faculty of Social Work Student Services Office.

Off-campus courses, other than courses in Saskatoon, are offered throughout the province in cooperation with the Centre for Continuing Education and the regional colleges. Therefore, off-campus students should contact their local regional college for social work course information if they are interested in having social work courses offered in their area.