Together We Are Stronger

The sweetgrass braid is a powerful and fitting symbol of the University of Regina’s 2015-2020 strategic plan. Entitled peyak aski kikawinaw – Cree for “We are one with Mother Earth” – this plan builds on our rich heritage, recognizes the growing importance of our place in the world, and brings together many strands of thought to set forth a bold collective vision for the future.  

It should not be surprising that such a vision has emerged from a university in Saskatchewan, where our provincial motto translates to “From Many Peoples, Strength.” Our strategic plan came into being through the involvement of many people – faculty, staff, students, alumni, University Council, Senate, the Board of Governors, and members of the larger community – who provided both general guidance and specific input that were critical to the plan’s development.

The resulting plan identifies and expands upon three key priorities – student success, research impact, and commitment to our communities – that will be crucial for the University of Regina’s success over the next five years and beyond. At the same time, the plan includes Indigenization and sustainability as overarching areas of emphasis that contribute to our shared vision of being a national leader in developing educated contributors, career-ready learners, and global citizens while generating meaningful, high impact scholarship.  

peyak aski kikawinaw has within it the means of realizing our collective vision for post-secondary education – a vision for which we are all responsible. In the coming years, we must continue working together to bring this vision to life.  

By assuming this responsibility, we will rise to the challenge we have set for ourselves. Together we are stronger, and an even stronger University of Regina will be the result of our collective efforts.

Vianne Timmons

Dr. Vianne Timmons
President and Vice-Chancellor

Lee Elliott

Lee Elliott
Chair, Board of Governors