Applying for Graduation

In order to graduate, you MUST apply. Click here to view the Application for Graduation pdf logo (114K).

Complete and fax or mail it to your faculty or college office. We recommend that you apply when you register for your final semester's courses. If you have any questions about filling out the form, please check with your faculty or college office. NOTE: If you want to participate in the Saskatchewan Graduate Retention Program, you need to give us your social insurance number and you need to check off the box next to it!

If you have questions or asked us to withhold your application and have since changed your mind, please contact the Government of Saskatchewan directly.

After you apply, check at UR Self-Service to ensure your account is clear, because your diploma and any transcripts you ask for will be withheld if you owe money to the University.

If you will finish your program by the end of Fall or Winter semester, you can receive your diploma at Spring Convocation. If you are finishing in Spring/Summer session, you can receive your diploma at Fall Convocation.

To attend Spring Convocation, you must apply by January 31. To attend Fall Convocation, you must apply by July 31. If you miss the deadline, you can attend the following Convocation.

For information about how your application is handled, select Approval Process from the menu.

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