Notice: Information and plans for upcoming academic terms. Learn more.

Upcoming Academic Terms: Info and Plans

Campus Status

  • The University of Regina is delivering classes primarily through remote teaching and learning format for the Fall 2020 term.
  • Winter 2021 term courses will be delivered remotely with the exception of a limited number of low-density face-to-face classes, labs, studios and clinical placements.
  • To support faculty, staff, and students, Information Services has developed resource websites listed in Quicklinks on this page.
  • Students, faculty, staff, and the public are asked to avoid coming to the University if at all possible.
  • While most units are working remotely or with reduced service, certain staff continue to be needed to keep the University safe, secure, and operational, and to carry out facility maintenance, critical lab-safety work, or teaching duties. We want to minimize the risk to them and to you.
  • Masks/face coverings mandatory on U of R campuses.

Information in this site for Faculty & Staff

Information in UR Source for Faculty & Staff (including Guidelines for Working Remotely)

  • The UR Source COVID-19 website contains information and forms intended only for current employees.
  • You will be asked to login.
  • Visit the COVID-19 website in UR Source for information including the following:

    • COVID Leave for Self-Isolation
    • COVID-19 Signs (variety of approved signs available for order)

    • University Recovery Planning Group (URP-G) Introductions (video)

    • Faculty & Staff Virtual Town Hall videos including documents from Fall Recovery Planning Town Hall (July 6, 2020):

      • Recovery Plan Framework

      • Returning to the Workplace (Faculty & Staff)

      • Teaching & Learning Framework

    • Checklist for Temporary Remote Working Arrangements
    • Privacy and Remote Work Guide

    • Reimbursement Claims & Pcard Statements

    • Student Accommodation Reference for Instructors
    • Remote Working Tips

    • Counselling Support

    • COVID 19 and Travel Cancellations

    • Guidelines for Working Remotely (Updated June 3, 2020) including:

      • Considerations for Managers

      • Remote Working Arrangements

      • Job Responsibilities and Expectations

      • Hours of Work

      • Borrowing University Equipment for Remote Use

      • Ergonomics and Working Remotely

      • Protection and Security of Information and Systems

      • Cyber Safety for University Employees

Remote Working: Accessing University Systems and Services for Faculty & Staff from Off Campus

Why the U of R is taking a cautious return-to-campus approach

Why isn’t the U of R moving more quickly to re-open?

  • The University’s main focus is to ensure health, safety, and wellbeing of students, faculty, staff, and community.
  • U of R’s approach to re-opening aligns with most Canadian universities.
  • All Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions have been working closely with the Ministry of Advanced Education on Fall plans.

How is the U of R different to other schools and businesses opening sooner?

  • Universities differ significantly from typical elementary, high school or office/business environments.
  • The density of U of R’s on-campus population is much higher than other organizations. During the height of a semester, there are nearly 20,000 people within close proximity of each other on campus. To stop the spread, it is the U of R’s goal to keep the on-campus population as low as possible during the pandemic.
  • The number of people one person might encounter during a typical day on campus who could spread COVID-19 are too numerous - at least 330-500 - to warrant the risk to students, faculty, staff, and community.
  • The implications of a potential COVID-19 spike are also more significant for the U of R than in a typical elementary or high school or local business, where students, and employees can be sent home immediately.
    • Given a large number of students live on campus, returning home should the need arise is more challenging or impossible depending on their home location.

Read the full details here

Return-to-campus planning

  • The University of Regina continues to work closely with our provincial advisors and will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and communities as we prepare for Fall 2020 and beyond.
  • Read more about return-to-campus planning underway as the University prepares for the Fall 2020 semester and beyond in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Campus Security

  • Campus Security will remain on site 24/7, however, the walk-up office is currently not staffed.
  • Call 306-585-4999, if you need assistance or in case of emergency.
  • The number of unlocked entryways will be minimized to reduce cleaning and security loads and identified by a posted notice.
  • If you are working on campus, we encourage you to use the Work Alone program. Call Campus Security to notify them when you are arriving on campus, when you expect to leave, and where you will be working.
  • Ensure your individual areas are locked and secure when you leave.
  • If you need to return to campus and access your office/shared space, be sure to bring your access card, keys and University-issued identification should Campus Security request it

Mail and Couriers

  • Faculties, departments and units that are closed and intend to remain so for the foreseeable future, should contact the Mail Room at 585-4675 or and request that your mail and parcel deliveries be held until further notice.
  • Courier deliveries will continue to be accepted at Central Receiving and UR Stores RIC.
  • If you have arranged with a courier for delivery to your office location and cannot be there to receive it, you will need to contact your courier to make alternate arrangements.

Contacting Human Resources Services, Supply Management Services, Financial Services

  • Human Resouces (HR):
    • Faculty and staff are asked to send inquiries to and emails will be forwarded to the appropriate staff for response.
    • Payroll will continue to be processed as usual and faculty and staff will have access to benefits through SunLife Financial.
  • Supply Management Services (SMS):
    • To contact SMS with any service inquiries, please email Jim Woytuik at or, if necessary, call 306-530-3815.
    • UR Stores GG (formerly Maintenance Stores and Central Receiving) and UR Stores RIC (formerly Science Stores) will be fully staffed and working in the stores locations.
  • Financial Services (FS):
    • Specific email addresses should be used in order to have email directed to the correct area, based on the subject. Visit the COVID-19 website in UR Source for details.

Make a Donation to the Student Emergency Fund (SEF)

  • The need to support students is greater than ever. Your gift during these challenging times will provide much-needed support so that students in financial need can continue to put food on the table, buy necessities, and cover their rent.

Ways to give:

  • APEA funds can be used to make donations to the University of Regina. You can make an APEA donation by completing the Give Now - APEA and Payroll form, choosing the "Student Emergency Fund (COVID-19)" gift designation, and submitting the form to make your gift.
  • If you need more information or assistance in regards to your APEA fund:
    • For APEA accounts employees can monitor the use and budget availability of their APEAs using the University’s FAST for Finance system.
    •  FAST help for APEA can be found on UR Source or by calling Shukria Amani, Financial Analyst APEA at 306-337-3159 to leave a message (she is working at home and regularly checks for messages).
    • Or by, sending an email request
    • Please provide your APEA fund number or your Staff ID, to allow Shukria to help you quicker.
  • For payroll donations supporting the University of Regina, please complete the Give Now - APEA and Payroll form, choose the "Student Emergency Fund (COVID-19)" gift designation, and submit the form to make your gift.
  • For Credit Card donations please go to the Give Now - Student Emergency Fund page and choose the "Student Emergency Fund (COVID-19)" gift designation to make your gift.