Notice: COVID-19 resources, information and plans for current and upcoming academic terms. Learn more.

Upcoming Academic Terms: Info and Plans


  • To support research, Information Services has developed a resource website for researchers, listed in Quicklinks on this page.

Phased approach to returning to research activities

  • The University, through a subcommittee of the Council Committee on Research, has designed a four-phase back to research plan that started on May 25, 2020.
  • The plan focuses on three core areas of research, including lab/studio work, field research, and research involving contact with human participants.
  • The phased approach to returning to research activities will be closely monitored in relation to the Government of Saskatchewan’s future COVID-19 public announcements, and dates will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Work in all research laboratories/studios and all fieldwork are only permitted after review by the Research Risk Assessment Committee, the relevant Dean, and the Vice-President (Research). Researchers are required to submit requests for graduate students and undergraduate students to conduct research/creative activities both on and off campus. Research that can be done remotely (i.e. no contact with other individuals) does not need to be reviewed.
  • Find out more on the COVID-19 and Research website, including the Return to Research Plan and Applications for Risk Assessment.

Healthy, Safety and Wellness COVID-19 Research Resources

  • The Health, Safety and Wellness team has prepared resources to provide information to supervisors, staff, and students participating in research on campus including:
    • Research Safety - COVID-19 Guide
    • Research Safety - Exposure Control Awareness Training for COVID-19
  • Find these resources and more at the Health, Safety and Wellness website.

FAQs for Researchers/Faculty

This section will be updated regularly as information becomes available.

Can I still hire student research assistants?

Faculty members can hire research assistants (RAs) if the student’s wages are being paid through research funding and/or contracts. Please follow normal procedures when hiring student research assistants under the CUPE 2419 Collective Agreement.

Who should I contact in the Research Office for specific questions about my awards?

If you have questions, please contact a research facilitator directly by email:

Who can I contact if I have questions about my animal research?

If you have additional questions, please email

Issues associated with COVID-19 are affecting my ability to undertake key aspects of my funded research project within the original timeframe and budget. What do I do?

Many granting agencies have developed policies and procedures for extensions of research project. If your research is connected to a research contract, the Research Office can try to negotiate changes to end dates or deliverables. Please contact:

The Tri-agencies and granting agencies recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic may affect funded research, including delays to research activities and the submission of publications, grant applications, research and financial reports. They are being responsive in supporting the research community in adapting to these challenges. Adjustments are being made and will continue to be updated as the situation evolves, including a willingness to extend deadlines and reimburse costs from existing grant funds. Please visit the various agency websites regularly for updates that may impact your research:

If my own travel or that of a member of my research team has been cancelled due to COVID-19, will this be an eligible expense?

If travel arrangements in relation to a funded research initiative have been cancelled but purchased travel fare did not include options for refunds due to cancellation, and no cancellation insurance was purchased, the travel claimant must document cancellation and financial credit details.

The Tri-agencies (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC including New Frontiers in Research Fund – Exploration funding), have confirmed that the reimbursement of non-refundable travel fees from agency funds is acceptable considering the impacts of COVID-19. This applies to the travel of both principal investigators and research personnel. Please click here to see their March 16, 2020 message.

Researchers should continue to work with the Research Office to determine eligibility on other external funding sources. If a cancelled travel expense is not eligible on an external funds source, an alternative funds source should be identified and expenses re-allocated.