Temporary shift to remote learning to begin Winter 2022 term. Learn More.
Returning to Campus in 2022

Temporary shift to remote instruction for the start of the 2022 Winter term

The information on this page is related to the temporary shift to remote instruction for the start of the 2022 Winter term.


Why is the University implementing this shift to remote learning for the start of the 2022 Winter Term?

The University has been closely monitoring the spread of the new Omicron variant and has watched it quickly become the dominant strain in many parts of Canada and the world due to its high transmissibility.

Due to concerns about the reduced efficacy of vaccines over time against Omicron, fully vaccinated people are being strongly encouraged to get a third vaccine booster shot when eligible. The temporary return to remote teaching and learning will provide time for more faculty, staff, and students to obtain their booster shot.

While this is not how we hoped to start the winter semester, this decision reflects the University’s commitment to protect the health of our students, faculty and staff and will help us resume near-normal operations in the safest environment possible.

Where can I find information about my classes?

Students should refer to UR Courses for information on the remote delivery of their classes.

Class Add/Drop Dates

Will the University extend the dates by which students need to add or drop classes?

Yes, revisions to the Winter 2022 academic schedule are as follows:

  • The course add deadline has been changed to January 21, 2022.
  • The 100% refund and course drop and no record deadlines have been changed to January 31, 2022.
  • The 50% refund deadline has been changed to February 11, 2022.

Browse the revised academic schedule.

Housing, Food, and Other Student Services

Will I be able to move into the residences in January as I originally planned?

Yes, new students planning to live in residence for the Winter 2022 term will be able to move in as planned. There are also options available to move in at a later date if necessary.

Will there be any food services available on campus during the start of the Winter term?

Luther Cafeteria will continue to operate and will provide food services to student living in residence. Extreme Pita and the Owl are expected to reopen in early January. Other University Food Services operated by Chartwells will not return until students and staff return for in-person learning and work.

How can I access other Student Services, such as counselling services during this time?

Student Supports and Services will be available remotely and can be accessed as they were during the previous remote learning terms. Most can be accessed here.

Library Services

Will the Dr. John Archer Library be available during this time?

The Library will be closed (no direct access to either the books or computers) until at least January 14, 2022, but services will be available remotely as occurred in March/April of 2020. More information is available here.

Campus Store

Will the Campus Store be open during the shift to remote teaching and learning?

Yes, the Campus Store will be open during this time. Campus Store hours of operation for the New Year and Winter term are as follows:

  • Winter Term Regular Hours - Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

You can place your textbook and merchandise orders at https://www.bkstr.com/ureginastore/home.

Events & Activities

Are large-scale events (e.g. lectures, performances, sporting events) still allowed?

The University is temporarily reducing large-scale events on-campus including classes, lectures, performances, and sporting events (practices and competitions will still proceed for varsity sports, but without fans in attendance) until it’s safe to reintroduce them under our In-Person Activities Guidelines (PDF).


Will the University be enforcing on-campus parking permit and metered parking during the temporary shift to remote learning announced for the beginning of the 2022 Winter term?

Regular parking operations, including enforcement, will continue given that the shift to remote teaching, learning, and working is expected to be short-lived.

Will refunds be issued for ePermit holders for the time that remote teaching, learning, and working is in place?

Temporary or pro-rated refunds will not be issued as the University's temporary pause of in-person operations is expected to be short-lived. As always, ePermit holders may cancel at any time by contacting Parking Services. Refunds will be provided based on their current value remaining. However, permit-holders who cancel and then reapply at a later date are not guaranteed their preferred parking locations/lots. Please see https://www.uregina.ca/parking/ for further information.


Visitors to Campus

Will visitors, contractors, vendors be allowed to come to campus?

The University’s temporary shift to remote learning and working is primarily designed to reduce high-density gatherings or events on our campuses. The University is not closing, so visitors, contractors, vendors, etc. will still be allowed on campus with the expectation that they are fully vaccinated.

Vaccination/Testing Requirements

If I have agreed to undergo regular testing in order to attend campus in person beginning in January, do I still need to provide/upload results now that I won’t be coming to campus for classes?

For students, and faculty and staff that are working remotely, the University is temporarily suspending the requirement to provide ongoing, negative test results assuming the person has no intention of coming to campus for any reason.

Students planning on attending campus, and faculty and staff required to remain on campus to provide critical services, will need to continue to comply with the vaccine/regular testing requirement.

If I am an employee who is required to be on-campus for work, will rapid antigen testing be provided?

Free, rapid antigen testing kits are already being made available to members of our campus community at the Security Office on the main floor of the RIC building. The University is currently working on a plan to provide regular testing for any employees who are required to be on campus. More information will be made available soon.

Do I now need to receive – and upload proof of – a booster shot in order to be considered fully vaccinated so I can attend campus in person (when in-person classes resume)?

At this time, the University is not requiring proof of a third/booster shot in order to be considered fully vaccinated and attend campus in person. The University of Regina strongly encourages those who are eligible to obtain their booster shot to do so


Will I be allowed to continue my research during this period?

Research activities will continue under the current health and safety guidelines. Any questions should be directed to the Office of the Vice-President (Research).

Varsity Sport and Other Recreation/Athletics Operations

The following provides general information regarding temporary changes to athletics and recreational services. Questions should be directed to khs.dean@uregina.ca

Will Varsity and Club sports continue?

At the present time Varsity teams will resume practice as scheduled and the regular season will resume the weekend of January 14, 2022.

In-season teams will continue with practice and competition plans until such time public health orders change, or Canada West determines to move in an alternate direction.

Spectators will not be allowed during on-campus competitions during the current remote teaching period and affected season ticket holders will be provided with a prorated refund.

Club Sport competitions held on campus will be suspended during the remote teaching period.

Will the Fitness and Lifestyle Centre and Aquatic Centre be open?

The Fitness and Lifestyle Centre (FLC) and Aquatic Centre is open and will remain open until such time public health orders change.

Will URFit classes continue?

URFit classes are suspended until the remote teaching period ends. Fees will be credited or charged on a pro-rated basis.

Will swimming lessons/aquatic classes (other than Varsity Sport) continue?

Swimming lessons/aquatic activities are suspended until after the remote teaching period. Fees will be credited or charged on a pro-rated basis.

Will intramurals/campus recreation for students continue?

In-person intramurals are suspended until the remote teaching period ends. Fees will be credited or charged on a pro-rated basis. Schedules will be adjusted as needed.

Will external rental/user groups be allowed access to the facilities?

At this time, external user groups will continue to have facility access. These groups are responsible for ensuring participants are fully vaccinated. This is subject to change as the University continues to monitor the public health situation.

Will the Centre for Health, Wellness, and Performance be open?

Access to allied health professionals for treatment and specialized rehabilitation, as well as other programming and services will continue during the remote teaching period.