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Fall 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions

With the increased availability and accelerated delivery of effective vaccines, the University is optimistic that the Fall 2021 term will allow for a carefully staged reopening of our campuses, with increased options for in-person classes, activities, and services. While it is difficult at this time to predict the exact level of in-person teaching and learning, our goal for the Fall term is to welcome as many people back to campus as we can safely accommodate.

In consultation with the Ministry of Advanced Education, the Province’s Chief Medical Health Officer, and our Health, Safety & Wellness team, and based on the latest scientific and medical information, the University is viewing the Fall term as a transitional one, characterized by a significant increase in on-campus activity that will transition us towards resuming near-normal operations in the following term, Winter 2022.

We will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff as in coming months we work toward a gradual return to normal campus activities.

Will people be required to be vaccinated before returning to campus?

The managed reopening of campus is predicated on the assumptions that all age groups have had the opportunity to be vaccinated. All members of the campus community will be strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.

Will mask usage and other protective measures still be in place?

Many of the health and safety practices that we’ve all gotten used to will continue to be part of campus life based on the latest public health directives.

Is there space on-campus to accommodate large numbers of people returning?

Additional students spread throughout the campus and attending different days and at different times will still allow plenty of room for low density/traffic to ensure there is adequate room for spacing and physical distancing where required

What about faculty and staff? When will they return?

Faculty and staff will begin returning to campus prior to the start of the Fall term. No date has been set yet, but planning is underway to ensure that it happens in a safe and gradual manner. Employees will be provided with a minimum of four weeks’ notice prior to returning to the workplace to assist in making arrangements for family situations and other commitments they may have.

How will students know if their classes are remote or in-person?

Beginning April 30, students will be able to utilize the registration process to learn how and/or where their classes will be delivered. This will allow them to begin planning their Fall schedules. We will continue to have a large number of course offerings delivered remotely to ensure as much flexibility as possible.

What about students or staff who still don’t feel safe and are either unable or unwilling to attend campus in person?

  • Details are still being sorted out, but the University is committed to working with those who are unable or unwilling to attend campus for legitimate health and safety reasons. Students should connect with their academic advisors. Staff should talk to their supervisors/deans
  • We will continue to have a large number of course offerings delivered remotely to ensure as much flexibility as possible
  • More information will be provided to (incoming and current) students, faculty, and staff as it becomes available.

Will people still have to sign-in at designated entrances when they come on campus?

The number of access points will either be expanded or they will be eliminated altogether as the campus gradually reopens. No sign-in will be required. We have no timetable for this yet.

What about Rec & Athletic Services, Food Services, the Library, Campus Store, Computer Labs, etc.

  • We will gradually reopen what we can, when we can while ensuring everyone’s safety. Work is underway on a controlled-reopening plan and we are looking at all these things. More information will be provided when it becomes available.
  • However, we are currently planning to:
    • Remove the monitored access points on our main campus
    • Reopen computer labs
    • Increase in-person access to the Archer Library
    • Reopen the Campus Store
    • Reintroduce limited food services
    • Increase access to recreation and athletic facilities
    • Make more student study spaces available on campus

What about the College Avenue Campus, Centre for Continuing Education, Saskatoon Campus, other satellite campuses?

The carefully staged reopening will apply to all of our campuses. Students should check the delivery method of their courses by accessing the registration process.

What if an outbreak occurs? People start getting sick?

Our Health, Safety & Wellness team is working on a plan for early identification, mitigation, and responses to manage and limit potential outbreaks. The health and safety of our campus community will continue to be our priority.

What about International Students? (travel, vaccines, quarantine, etc.)

We are working with our sector partners and the Ministry of Advanced Ed to sort through the issues related to welcoming International students back to our campus. Again, more information will be made available in the weeks and months to come.