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Remote Proctoring

The University of Regina has purchased a licence to the Proctortrack remote proctoring platform, which provides a system for verifying identity, and monitoring timed remotely delivered exams administered via UR Courses.

Academic integrity requires students to be honest and responsible in all learning environments.  All work and all grades should result from a student’s own understanding and effort.  The use of Proctortrack and other tools assist in ensuring the value of the academic credentials awarded by the University of Regina.  However, these tools do not determine an academic misconduct finding.  The University has a robust academic misconduct investigation process including the opportunity for students to explain an identified incident, and allow for any further investigation deemed necessary to ensure procedural fairness.  More information can be found in the University of Regina academic calendars.

General Questions

What is remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring is digital monitoring which allows students to write remotely delivered exams in an environment intended to maintain academic integrity. Students provide identification and are then monitored virtually.

What is Proctortrack?

Proctortrack is a remote proctoring tool that is integrated into UR Courses and provides for student identity verification and the monitoring of students while taking examinations remotely.

How does Proctortrack work?

  1. Students undergo an onboarding process that confirms their ID using their U of R student card, and live image captured via a webcam. This process also confirms that the student's hardware and software works, and downloads the same Proctortrack software used in subsequent exams. Student Onboarding is typically completed in approximately 15 minutes, however we suggest you set aside 30 minutes to complete the process for the first time. While the results from the Student Onboarding are available within 8 hours, we recommend you perform the Student Onboarding exercise early in the semester to allow as much time as possible to resolve any issues that may arise.
  2. The first step of a remotely proctored exam is the verification of the student's ID by comparison of their facial features and ID provided during the onboarding process.
  3. The Proctortrack software then ensures that only software permitted by the instructor is running on the student's computer. The Proctortrack software will not let the student proceed with the exam until all unauthorized software programs have been closed.
  4. During the exam, the Proctortrack software records what is shown by the student's webcam, and also what happens on the student's computer screen, including all software that is running.
  5. When the exam is finished, the information is uploaded securely to Proctortrack servers in Canada (protected by Canadian privacy laws) and the student may choose to uninstall the Proctortrack software.
  6. Instructors may then review the recorded information as needed.

Is the use of Proctortrack mandatory?

If a course instructor decides to use the Proctortrack platform to invigilate a remotely delivered course exam, students taking the exam are required to use this platform.

Students are strongly advised to complete the Student Onboarding process for the Proctortrack platform as early as possible in the semester in order to make sure that they meet the technical requirements.

Will I have to pay to use Proctortrack?

No. There are no costs to students for the use of Proctortrack.

What information does a student have to provide to use Proctortrack?

Student Onboarding requires student photo identification, a facial scan via webcam, and acceptance of Proctortrack’s terms of service. Students are strongly encouraged to use their U of R Student Identification Card (government-issued photo ID can be used as an alternate if necessary).

What personal information is collected by Proctortrack?

Information temporarily and securely stored by Proctortrack includes first and last name, institution name, student number, student image, real-time video and audio recording, and recording of the student’s computer screen during a proctored exam.

What if I do not have a U of R Student ID Card?

Students can request a Student ID Card online through UR Self-Service (Student Services Menu – Student Records). For a new card, a digital copy of your photo will be required. If you already have a photo on file, a replacement card can be ordered.

How does Proctortrack verify identity and track progress?

When starting a proctored exam, visual identification of the student is undertaken, along with presentation of the student’s photo ID for confirmation. While taking a proctored exam Proctortrack records audio, video, and on screen activity. Upon completion of the exam, students will stop the recording process and may choose to remove the Proctortrack software from their computer system.

Does Proctortrack really scan my knuckles?

The University of Regina does not employ knuckle scans as part of the remote proctoring identity verification process. As a result no such data on University of Regina students will be collected, stored or processed by Proctortrack.

How will my information be used?

Student information collected by Proctortrack will be used by course instructors for the purposes of identity verification and exam proctoring. Video records created by Proctortrack will be accessible, when required, by the instructor of the course and shared as necessary with Investigating Deans for assessment of possible academic integrity infractions. More information on the University of Regina’s expectations and processes related to academic integrity can be found in the U of R’s Undergraduate and Graduate Calendars.

Where can I find more information about Proctortrack and how the University will use Proctortrack?

Proctortrack website:

For further information, visit the University website on remote learning:

Protection of Personal Information Questions

What steps is Proctortrack taking to protect students' privacy?

Proctortrack's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are publicly available:

What steps is the University of Regina taking to protect students' privacy when using Proctortrack?

The University of Regina is committed to protecting students' personal information and has reviewed Proctortrack's security and data management practices with this commitment in mind. The data protection practices established by Proctortrack meet or exceed industry standards to prevent unauthorized access to the records, taking into account the confidential nature of the records to be protected.

How is data transferred to and from Proctortrack?

All data in transit between student users and the servers used by Proctortrack is encrypted using industry standard technologies including SSL/TLS to prevent disclosure by unauthorized parties.

How is the data stored by Proctortrack and for how long?

Data is transferred to Proctortrack's secure servers located in Canada, encrypted, and stored there for 180 days before being deleted. Data used for identity verification (through Onboarding) is retained on Proctortrack’s servers for 365 days.

What steps can I take to protect my privacy when using Proctortrack?

  • Use your University of Regina Student Identification card as your photo ID for Student Onboarding and identity verification. If you use government-issued photo identification for these purposes please consider covering all personal information except for your name and photograph when presenting the ID to the system.
  • Be aware of what may be viewed by your webcam and, when possible, position the webcam to avoid recording pictures, documents or other objects containing personal images or information.
  • Advise others in your residence that you will be taking an exam that will be recorded and to avoid entering the examination area or discussing sensitive topics within range of the computer microphone.
  • Ensure you close the Proctortrack application after submitting your examination in UR Courses.
  • Upon completion of the exam, consider acting on the option to uninstall the Proctortrack application from your computer system.

Is Proctortrack access to my computer terminated after my exam?

Once you press the "end" button, Proctortrack can no longer collect session data. You may close Proctortrack by pressing "QUIT APP" to save Proctortrack for use with later tests or click "UNINSTALL" to remove Proctortrack from your computer system. (You will be prompted to reinstall Protoctortrak prior to taking future eProctored exams.)

What information on my computer can Proctortrack access?

Proctortrack can only access session data. It does not access any personal files or financial information stored on your computer.

Does Proctortrack collect or store my personal financial information?

No. University of Regina students are not providing any payments to Proctortrack, so there is no collection of personal financial information.

I am worried that certain behaviours may result in a finding of academic misconduct. For example, what if I tend to look up when I’m thinking, or fidget when I’m stressed?

Certain behaviours may be identified by Proctortrack for instructor review, However, instructors will normally first note unexpected or unusual examination responses prior to reviewing video for additional information. Suspicious examination behaviours will not, in isolation, result in a finding of academic misconduct. More information on the University of Regina’s expectations and processes related to academic integrity can be found in the Undergraduate and Graduate Calendars.

Does Proctortrack determine academic misconduct?

No. As with other tools used to assist with the administration of academic integrity Proctortrack merely provides and organizes information. Any determination of suspected academic misconduct lies with the Investigating Deans and all regular processes used by the University to adjudicate matters of academic misconduct remain.

Technical Questions

What if I have a disability and require accommodation?

If you require academic accommodations as the result of a permanent or temporary disability you need to register online with the Centre for Student Accessibility.

What if I don’t have access to a quiet space, a stable internet connection, or the right type of computer system to do my Proctortrack onboarding and/or take my exams?

The Library has eight quiet spaces available equipped with suitable computers which students may reserve for Proctortrack Student Onboarding and/or to take a remotely proctored exam. Bookings can be made for as little as one hour up to a 3-hour maximum.

As with all Library spaces available for student use during the pandemic, students must reserve the space using the Library's online space reservation system at:, adhere to all of the same COVID-19 restrictions listed on the Library site, and be enrolled in a course which makes use of Proctortrack. 

What should I do if I do not have adequate hardware technology (ie: webcam, microphone)? What if my webcam resolution is too low, my webcam is broken, or Proctortrack software does not recognize my webcam or microphone?

Computer requirements are similar to what is required for online learning, using UR Courses and Zoom. You will need a computer with a webcam, and a stable internet connection. In the event that a student cannot access the necessary computer equipment to take a proctored exam, they can contact the IT Support Centre at to determine if any solutions are available.

As noted in the previous question, students may also book one of a limited number of computers being made available at the Library to use for a remotely proctored exam. Bookings must be made ahead of time at

Exam Procedural Questions

What if I need to wear a mask during my exam? Will wearing a mask affect my exam?

Some students may be in a location that requires them to wear a mask while taking a Proctortrack exam. Wearing a mask will not prevent the student from completing an exam, or impact the exam proceedings. During the initial identify verification scan at the start of the exam, the student should briefly remove their mask or pull it down to ensure their face is visible to the camera. It is then fine to continue wearing a mask during the exam.

How do I access Proctortrack?

Proctortrack is set up in UR Courses. When you access a proctored quiz/exam in UR Courses and click ‘Attempt quiz now’, it will then prompt you to click on the Proctortrack Dashboard where you will see the exam name. Click “Go to Test” next to the exam you are taking.

What is onboarding?

Each student must have profile setup in Proctortrack, prior to taking an exam. Student Onboarding records the student’s face and profile, and photo ID, to verify identity. This must be completed by all students for each class using Proctortrack, however once the initial Student Onboarding is complete subsequent Student Onboarding is very quick.

How long does it take to onboard?

Student Onboarding is typically completed in approximately 15 minutes, however we suggest you set aside 30 minutes to complete the process for the first time. While the results from the Student Onboarding are available within 8 hours, we recommend you perform the Student Onboarding exercise early in the semester to allow as much time as possible to resolve any issues that may arise.

Do I have to download software?

When you begin an online exam through Proctortrack, you will be prompted to install software. At the end of the exam, it will ask if you wish to uninstall the software or have it remain for the next time you take a proctored exam.

Can I install the software ahead of time to make sure it works, or take a practice exam before my real exam?

Yes. We have set up a Student Practice Exam course in UR Courses. You can try out the Onboarding, and take a practice exam at

Students should wait 8 hours between onboarding and taking exams to allow time for the system to accept and update the onboarding information.

When I try to install Proctortrack, I am prompted to disable my firewall. Is it safe to proceed?

The Proctortrack progam requires network access to function correctly, and in rare instances this may cause a security prompt to appear while installing the program indicating a conflict with the installed anti-virus/firewall software being used.

The prompt will vary between systems but in general terms it will be asking you to temporarily disable certain functions in the anti-virus/firewall programs that may be running. If the computer is running up to date software and is located in a safe network environment (like your home, or the University) it will be safe to proceed.

Examples describing how to temporarily grant the necessary access for some popular anti-virus/firewall programs can be found at

If you are unsure about proceeding please contact the IT Support Centre for their assistance with installation. Please ensure your anti-virus/firewall system is re-activated after ending your exam.

What should I do if I have technological issues with Proctortrack during an exam?

Contact the Proctortrack 24/7 live-chat support in the Proctortrack application. You may also phone Proctortrack at +1(844) 753-2020.

Students may also contact the IT Support Centre to request assistance and should advise their instructor if they encounter any technical issues while taking a proctored exam.

What should I do if I need to leave my computer during an exam (ie use the washroom, attend to an emergency)?

Use the washroom prior to beginning your test and avoid using the washroom whenever possible for the duration of your writing time. If you must leave your computer for any reason communicate the situation to your instructor and announce to the webcam your intentions so they may be recorded for later reference if needed. Keep in mind that consulting external resources during the exam is strictly prohibited. It is our expectation that all students abide by the principles of academic honesty.

What if I have problems installing the software, and/or I can't get Proctortrack to work for Onboarding or an exam?

Try using a different browser. If you have trouble with Firefox, try again using Google Chrome. Other browsers will not work with Proctortrack.

Note: Chrome will install the software automatically, but with Firefox you will need to click and drag the downloaded file into the browser window to install it.

If you continue to have problems, contact the Proctortrack 24/7 live-chat support in the Proctortrack application. Students may also contact the IT Support Centre at

It says I need a password to take an exam. How do I find the exam password?

When you first start the exam it warns:

You will need a password to access the quiz.  

Start the exam in UR Courses, access the Proctortrack dashboard, then click the quiz name to start. The password will be at the top right corner of the browser/Proctortrack window (just inside the blue outline). It will be white, and might be very small. Depending on your browser, you may need to click the >> arrows to see it.

Will I be kicked out of the exam if it thinks I did something wrong? What if my child comes in, or my roommate is talking, or I look away when I am thinking?

Proctortrack will not end or prevent you from completing an exam. It does not issue warnings based on activities, noise, or interruptions in the background.

It may provide a warning or intervention if it detects unauthorized programs running on the user computer (eg. Exel or Google searches, if they have been prohibited by the course instructor), but it will not prevent you from completing the exam.