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Maintaining healthy campuses for final exams

Updated on Dec 14
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As influenza season begins to peak and the prevalence of airborne viruses increases, the University of Regina is encouraging all students who are involved in writing in-person, final exams to wear masks during those exam sessions. Masking is effective in preventing the spread of influenza, COVID-19, and other respiratory illnesses.

Exam stations and seating plans are typically arranged to provide spacing between students anyway. Nevertheless, final exams do bring the potential for larger groups to gather in person for longer periods of time. Additionally, students tend to congregate outside of exam spaces, in hallways and entrance areas, as they await entry.

We all want to minimize any disruptions to exams and have members of our University community enjoy a happy and healthy holiday break once those exams are finished. Disposable masks are currently available at the main entrances on our main campus, College Avenue Campus, and our Saskatoon campus.

Students are also encouraged to get caught up on their flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster shots, continue to practice good hygiene by washing or sanitizing their hands regularly, and stay home if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms. Students who feel unwell should not attend their scheduled exams, rather they should contact their instructors immediately and then refer to page 59 of the Academic Regulations for further instructions. For additional information on keeping our campuses healthy, please see our COVID-19 information site.

Together, we can minimize the risks for everyone.

Best of luck in your final exams as you work towards a well-deserved holiday break.


Dr. david Gregory, Provost and Vice-President (Academic)