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Returning to Campus in 2022

Campus Vaccination Requirements - August 24

Updated on Aug 25
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Members of the University community,

Vaccines are the safest and most effective defence against COVID-19 and, in particular, the growing spread of the highly-transmissible Delta variant. With the return of many in-person courses, events, and activities on campus, members of our campus community have an expectation to learn, teach and work in the safest environment possible.

On August 13, the University of Regina announced that students, faculty and staff are required to be fully vaccinated effective October 1, 2021. Those who are not fully vaccinated will be required to undergo regular, rapid antigen testing.

The vaccination and testing process will be implemented as follows:

Fall 2021:

The vaccine/rapid testing requirement applies to all University of Regina and Federated Colleges’ faculty and staff, and to students who are registered for any on-campus/in-person classes during the Fall term. This requirement also applies to faculty, staff, and students who will attend other on-campus events and activities. There are two provisions regarding faculty, staff, and students:

1.  Proof of Vaccination:

  • All faculty and staff members will be required to provide proof of full vaccination by October 1, 2021.
  • Students (domestic and international) who are registered for any on-campus/in-person classes or who will access the campus (e.g. Library, study spaces, gymnasiums, Fitness and Lifestyle Centre) at the University of Regina for the Fall term will also be required to provide proof of vaccination by October 1, 2021. This includes students registered in classes delivered by the Federated Colleges (Campion College, First Nations University, and Luther College). At this time, students studying remotely and who will not be accessing campus will not be required to take this step until sometime in November in preparation for the January 2022 term.
  • The University is developing a secure on-line portal that will allow for uploading proof of vaccination documentation. Further information and instructions will be provided related to the process for uploading your documentation as soon as possible.

2.  Rapid Antigen Testing:

  • Medical or religious exemptions to the vaccination requirement will be considered pursuant to The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, 2018.
  • Anyone granted an exemption under The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, 2018 or anyone who declines to provide proof of vaccination, will be permitted to come on to campus if they undergo regular rapid antigen testing. Rapid antigen testing involves taking a swab from immediately inside the front of the nostrils. Once the swab has been collected, it takes 20 minutes to confirm the result. Additional details regarding the testing process will be provided as they are finalized in the coming days.
  • Both the proof of vaccination and the testing process will be managed with privacy and security as top priorities. The University has previously established processes to ensure that faculty, staff and students’ personal information, including personal health information is protected in accordance with The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Health Information Protection Act. Only a very limited number of staff will be involved in the collection and management of personal health information.
  • Suppliers, contractors and members of the general public who come to campus will be required to follow the University’s health and safety protocols for COVID-19. These include: masking, hand sanitizing, and physical distancing where applicable.
  • If you are feeling ill or experiencing any symptoms that may be associated with COVID-19 or the flu, please do not come to campus. Instead, call the 811 HealthLine, and get tested for COVID-19 if advised to do so. Do not return to campus until you have received a negative test result and it has been 48 hours since your symptoms have passed.

Winter 2022:

The University expects to resume normal or near-normal in-person/on-campus operations for the Winter 2022 term. As we welcome the majority of students back to campus at that time, the University will require proof of vaccination for all registered students who had not previously submitted this information during the Fall term. This will enable them to make decisions about getting vaccinated or applying for an exemption prior to the start of the Winter term. Additional details will be provided in November 2021.

The University has established a number of working groups to further develop the plans and processes involved in this initiative. I would like to personally thank those who are attending to the legal, digital, privacy, medical, and communications logistics associated with this important endeavour.

We appreciate that our campus community is awaiting details. We are committed to providing updates on a regular basis as we work through the particulars related to this decision. Please continue to check our University website, including a series of Frequently Asked Questions, for the latest information.


Dr. Jeff Keshen

President and Vice-Chancellor