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Research restrictions to lift

Updated on Jul 12
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In alignment with the Government of Saskatchewan Re-opening Roadmap, the University’s research enterprise will enter Phase 4 – Green of the Return to Research Plan effective July 12, 2021. This phase removes most restrictions and decentralizes the management of COVID-19 research-related risks to the faculty level.

Under Phase 4 - Green:

  • Centrally-managed research risk assessments and work schedules are discontinued. The Risk Assessment Committee is disbanded.
  • Faculties become responsible for managing COVID-related risk associated with their research activities (e.g. managing density if desired). While the VPR’s Office will not manage research risk assessments, schedules, and occupancy anymore, faculties may still choose to do so at their own discretion.
  • The research enterprise will keep following provincial and University guidelines. While campus-wide mask usage and other safety precautions are still required, they will still apply to all research activities on campus. Please refer to masking guidelines here.
  • Heath, Safety & Wellness’ COVID-19 Resources remain an important point of reference.
  • Inter-provincial and international travel is to follow provincial and federal guidelines, respectively.

What changed?

Most Phase 3 Yellow restrictions are removed:

  • Maximum of three individuals per PI per space no longer applies. Physical distancing is not required, but still encouraged.
  • No provincial restrictions to travel. Travel authorizations are still required and should follow the University’s Policy.
  • No restrictions to community research where physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • No restrictions regarding dance studios/rehearsal space (masking still required on campus).

One exception:

Due to University of Regina masking requirements, human focus physical activity research on campus where masks cannot be worn is still not permitted.

Any questions or concerns regarding the move to Phase 4 – Green can be directed to