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Video series helps students understand remote learning

Updated on Aug 17
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Eight members of our teaching staff recorded a series of videos to welcome new students to the University, show them what to expect in their coursework, and help them understand how they can succeed in their courses and labs in a remote learning environment.

The videos were created by:

  • Dr. David DeMontigny and Robert Jones (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science)
  • Dr. Harminder Guliani (Faculty of Arts)
  • Dr. Andrew Chan and Mel Hart (Faculty of Science)
  • Dr. Fatima Pirbhai-Illich and Julie Machnaik (Faculty of Education)
  • Bruce Anderson (Faculty of Business Administration)

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Dr. David deMontigny, Engineering 123, Faculty of Engineering (2:15)

Dr. Harminder Guliani, Economics 211, Faculty of Arts (1:53)