Turnitin logoTurnitin is an online writing assessment service which allows instructors to provide feedback to students through markup, rubrics, and proofing tools, as well as generate originality reports. It can be accessed through the integration within UR Courses, or by going directly to the Turnitin.com website.

UR Courses + Turnitin

UR Courses has the Moodle Turnitin Direct V2 plugin enabled, which allows instructors to interact with the Turnitin Feedback Studio directly from within their course(s).

  • This method does not require the instructor or students to create accounts on Turnitin.com, and is available to all instructors within UR Courses.
  • The Turnitin account created for an instructor is based on the email address as it appears within your profile in UR Courses.

For more information about the integration with UR Courses, please see the Turnitin page within our instructor guides.


For more information on using Turnitin.com directly, outside of UR Courses, and to request an account on Turnitin.com, please contact IT Support.