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UR Guarantee

Rights and Responsibilities

UR Guarantee Program Philosophy:

The UR Guarantee Program is designed to enhance your university experience by empowering you to achieve your educational, career and life goals. Throughout the program, you will be provided with the tools necessary for academic success and be given opportunities to fully engage in the life of the University as well as participate in service and leadership activities.

As a participant in the UR Guarantee Program, there are certain rights and responsibilities that accompany your enrolment in the program. Your rights and responsibilities are described below.

Student Rights:

You have the right to expect the UR Guarantee Program to provide:

  1. Access to required elements of the program
  2. Access to UR Guarantee Program Advisors
  3. Access to information about career services and related coaching
  4. Access to information about opportunities for you to engage in the University of Regina lifestyle
  5. Access to information about opportunities to participate in service and leadership activities

Student Responsibilities:

To maintain eligibility for UR Guarantee Program benefits, you are expected to:

  1. Meet all UR Guarantee Program requirements and graduate with a minimum 70% PGPA
  2. Actively engage in UR Guarantee Program activities
  3. Accurately document the completion of UR Guarantee Program requirements
  4. Come prepared to all sessions with your UR Guarantee Program Advisor
  5. Incorporate UR Guarantee Program Advisor feedback into future activities
  6. Abide by academic and non-academic misconduct policies as outlined in the University of Regina Undergraduate Calendar
  7. Search for employment in all markets where there is a demand for your skills and not unreasonably limit the scope of your employment search