Once you are registered in the UR Guarantee program, arrangements will be made to meet with your program advisor in order to set goals for the academic year. You and your advisor will discuss the activities that will need to be completed. Your advisor will suggest options that will benefit you and your university experience while improving and maintaining your academic and personal hobbies.

In order to progress through the program, students must complete all requirements of the given level within one calendar year (July 31st) before they can register in the subsequent level. Students will actively remain in the UR Guarantee Program until the end of their undergraduate program.


The UR Guarantee Office has accumulated a list of over 300 different workshops, seminars, student clubs and other relevant opportunities on campus. Many of these opportunities can be used towards completing mandatory and elective activities required for the UR Guarantee Program.

UR Courses will be utilized to capture, report and reflect upon the opportunities you engage in. You will also be in regular contact with your UR Guarantee advisor.

Here is a sample of some of the activities:

  • Academic workshops
  • Career development workshops
  • Joining the Co-op Program
  • Resume reviews
  • Mock interview exercises
  • Networking opportunities
  • Participating in campus life
  • Attending on-campus career fairs
  • Volunteering as an Ambassador
  • Joining one of the many student clubs

These are just some of the options for completing the UR Guarantee Program. The time commitment for completing the program is flexible. Many students use the UR Guarantee Program as a guide to identifying meaningful academic success and personal development activities during their time at University of Regina.

Academic Transition - Workshops
Career Development - Career Centre
Student Engagement - Ambassador Program