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The UR Guarantee program is designed to support you through every step of your university experience by empowering you to achieve your educational, career and life goals.

The program provides support to students from first year to academic program completion preparing you for your career after university.

What better way to tell the success of the UR Guarantee then several past students from the program - Edwin, Tea, Shelby, Rachel, and Baohui. Read the full story about our past UR Guarantee students!

Check out what some of our current and graduated students are saying about the UR Guarantee Program.

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 Featured Story


Megan – UR Guarantee Testimonial


Being the in UR Guarantee at the University of Regina not only prepared me for work post-degree, but also gave me a sense of security. I was given opportunities to improve my interview skills, revise my resume with help, and have someone to talk my future plans out with. With my fieldwork term cut short with the COVID-19 outbreak, the pandemic unfortunately also brought the job market way down. Through the UR Guarantee program, I was able to further my education affordably and feel secure with a plan to fall back on when I was unable to find work in a pandemic. I would absolutely recommend any student beginning university to join this program, and know they are getting resources to help them thrive in their careers and support them afterwards.



Joshua - Faculty of Business Administration

My experience in URG 100 was a blessing for me. I really appreciated the accessibility of UR GUARANTEE as although I did not join at the start, I was still able to join and be apart. I also liked the frequent reminders of the benefits of UR GUARANTEE, and it made it a really attractive to be apart of. I really liked having an adviser and I liked having the beginning and middle meetings. These meetings were a time for me to ask different questions, such as how to schedule time more efficiently, how to get involved in school and many more. I liked having meetings as it helped me focus on the future. University can be hectic at times with many deadlines and at times it can be easier to focus on the immediate than future goals. UR Guarantee helps me to focus on where I want to go in my career. It also helps me to make goals for myself and the meetings help me stay accountable. The first year of university was a success. I enjoyed learning in the fall,winter and spring semesters online.




Brittney - Faculty of Education

            One particular aspect of the UR Guarantee program that I think makes it so special is the three elective streams of Academic Success, Student Engagement, and Service/Leadership. These focus areas help you to grow and develop not only as a well rounded student or prospective job applicant, but as a human being constantly learning and growing. UR Guarantee helps you to explore your academic interests, study more effectively and be an engaged life long learner. You gain leadership skills to become involved on campus and make connections to others with similar passions and interests. You realize a deeper understanding of the importance of giving back to your community for your personal well being. These three streams have helped me to holistically grow as an individual as I focus on how each area is important for success and happiness in my life.

            UR Guarantee can help you to find your place at the University of Regina, follow your passions in your studies and future career, and connect you to people to share in your experiences and support your success. I am always surprised to learn that more University of Regina students do not take the opportunity to be a part of the UR Guarantee program. This is a part of my university experience that I would definitely recommend to other students looking for a supportive community of advisors and learners working together to help you succeed!


Kelsi-Lee - Faculty of Nursing 
"My experience of being a student currently in the UR Guarantee Program is beyond amazing. I have been provided many opportunities at making friends due to the volunteering and workshops I have attended due to being a part of this program. It also has also aided me in developing life skills to help me be a better person as a student and for my future prospective job. Another great benefit for students that qualify for it is the guarantee that if you do not obtain a job within the six months of completing your degree you can come back to the University of Regina and complete for free a year of undergraduate classes. This provides a blanket of security for those who, like me, worry about not being good enough after you finish your degree that you can come back and continue to strengthen your skills to be a stronger applicant for your future job.
This program also provides support for building your resume and preparation for interviews, if you are nervous nelly like myself and sometimes stumble in an interview due to your nerves. You also get advising sessions that are scheduled in the beginning and middle of the program each year of the program, this is a time you can ask any questions related to your career (if they don’t know – they go out of their way to find out for you), academic studies or just any general question. If you need a meeting outside of the scheduled ones you are always able to reach out to them.
This year I will begin the second level of the program and I have nothing but an amazing experience and would highly recommend everyone to join this program. It won’t disappoint! You don’t need to be a student on campus to complete this program, I have completed the first year completely out of Saskatoon, SK with no difficulties. It is do able from anywhere!"









Richard - Faculty of Arts (Completing Master's program)

This time around, I discovered the secret to success. The secret is to participate actively in all that I can and develop positive relationships with as many people as you can. I joined my department's society, the Philosophy Students' Society, where I became president for several years. I applied for the Co-op program, to gain valuable work experience and make a few extra bucks to help me pay for my education. And I join the UR Guarantee program.
"Attending university is a challenging process. It feels like one must be able to overcome the challenge all by oneself. This is how I felt the first time I attended university over 20 years ago. The first time I attended university, I did not complete the process.

In UR Guarantee, I learn more about they ways I could participate in the university community, as well as how I could improve my chances of gaining employment. I met advisers and counselors who encouraged me and helped me with my confidence. UR Guarantee helped me develop the skills to be successful as a university student.

Now, I have finished my university education. Now, I have completed the process I was unable to complete over 20 years ago. The UR Guarantee program helped me to succeed. I didn’t have to overcome the challenge all by myself."



Meer - Faculty of Science

"If I had any advice to offer first year students, I would suggest getting organized early in the semester, to have a consistent routine, and to schedule important deadlines so that all assignments and review sessions are completed in a timely manner. This will help students get used to the demands of their academic program. I would also suggest that they seriously consider taking the advantage of UR Guarantee, it’s like a complete package of guidance that students may need.

I have lived on campus since my first year and have found the people at the University to be very nice, friendly and helpful. You just have to look around and talk with people. If you can do this, I am sure that you will enjoy the vibrant environment and the life at the University of Regina."Read his full story here




Hannah - Faculty of Arts          

"The UR Guarantee Program has helped me develop my professional profile and become aware of the expectations of professional fields relevant to me. The program has given me so many great opportunities to meet people in the University, attend fun events, and be a part of a group that genuinely cares about my schooling and works to make sure I get the most out of my time in University. I really lucked out with this program, and am thankful for all the doors it has opened for me both personally as well as professionally."



Emma - Faculty of Media, Art and Performance - Creative Technologies

After I graduated high school, I took a gap year. Throughout this gap year I was able to work and make some money in order to come to University. The downside to that was completely pushing my studying and homework thinking out of my brain. Coming back to school was pretty nerving and I didn't know what to expect. One of my friends had been talking about the UR Guarantee program so I thought to check it out. The minute I inquired about it I knew it was going to be a great decision! The advisors have been super friendly and helpful throughout the program. I was able to take part in a couple workshops that helped me with note-taking, library help, studying and more. We also worked on completely revamping my resume and we also did a mock interview. These are the sort of things that really help you with the rest of your University career and into the rest of your life! I would honestly recommend this program to everyone coming into the University of Regina.


Matthew - Faculty of Science

"The UR Guarantee program has been a great decision with no downsides. The resources and support offered for new and continuing students have helped me to excel in my classes such as tutoring options and advanced note-taking techniques. It has not only helped me with school but also outside of school such as when I applied for a summer job. Having a personalized resume review, attending career development seminars, and accessing volunteer experience opportunities have helped me in finding a great summer job as a second-year student. "


Ryan - Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science (Currently working in his field)

"I initially joined the UR Guarantee program to improve my chances of getting a job in my field after receiving my degree. I am glad that I joined because the program has given me the incentive I needed to stop procrastinating on things like volunteering, skill development workshops, and other activities. Through the UR Guarantee program I have improved myself and, I believe, it has made me into a more desirable employee with my increased community involvement and improved interview and social skills. Doing a mock interview with my UR Guarantee advisor helped me to improve my resume as well as my interview skills and as a result I got a job for my work term. I would recommend the co-op program to anyone."



Jonathan - Faculty of Business Administration (Attending Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario through a faculty partnership opportunity)

"The UR Guarantee program has given me great insight into how University, and everything beyond it, operates. It has helped me find ways to apply what I learn in class, and thrive as a student. The benefits are plentiful and the advising sessions are uplifting and enjoyable.

After completing my first year of the program, I find myself wishing that I had taken part in more of the UR Guarantee activities, volunteering opportunities, and studying assistance. There is so much that they offer and I hope to take more in this year!”"


Emilio - Faculty of Arts at Campion College (completing law school at University of Calgary)

"Coming out of high school, I was not aware of how much I had left to learn and how much growth UR Guarantee would elicit for me throughout my first year of university. Personally, I imagined myself with little flaws or weaknesses when I entered university; I thought I was ready for the big leagues. However, that was far from the truth. In fact, I probably learned more in m

y first year of university and UR Guarantee than I ever did in my four years of high school. UR Guarantee challenged me to explore and identify any weaknesses I had. The advisors at UR Guarantee helped me embrace such flaws by providing me with the proper tools and resources to reshape any bad habits and develop any weak skills. By joining UR Guarantee, I was able to not only grow as an individual, but also grow as a member of my faculty and community. There is absolutely nothing to lose by joining UR Guarantee!"



Kendra - Environmental Studies and Geography (Currently working in her field)

"I joined the UR Guarantee program because I figured it was a win-win situation. They get you involved and help you find a job and if for some reason it doesn’t work out they will pay for additional courses. The program has been great for me because I like to be involved. I am an Ambassador and was able to enjoy being an Ambassador Leader this year. I’ve met many of my great friends through the Ambassador Program. The UR Guarantee program has also given me opportunities for my photography and I was able to help promote the awesome Therapy Dog program.

First year students will hear this all the time, but there is a reason for it: Get involved. If you like volunteering, join the Ambassador program. Looking for something else? Join an intramural sports team. If you don’t enjoy university you are doing something wrong! There are so many opportunities available no matter what your interest is.” Find something you enjoy and go with it! " Read her full story here



Lyndsey - Bachelor of Education as well as a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Currently working in her field)

"To students who are new or thinking of coming to the U of R, get involved and sign up for the UR Guarantee Program! Attend events, volunteer, join a club, play intramurals or work on campus! By building those support networks early on, it becomes easy to meet people and discover resources on campus that will help you succeed. Even though I am in my final year of my education, I am still discovering what our university has to offer!"Read her full story here


Johann - Faculty of Science (Completed pharmacy at U of S)

"Having been in the UR Guarantee Program, I firmly believe that the program is an incredible asset for all students due to the wealth of knowledge, resources, opportunities and support it provides them. Through its development options such as 'Customizing Resumes', I gained valuable knowledge of job and scholarship sites that I never would have stumbled upon on my own. Through the volunteer programs, such as the fall 'Rakeathon', I had the pleasure of expanding upon my leadership and teamwork skills while raising money for an excellent cause and connecting with U of R Alumni. However, the most beneficial component was the guidance I acquired from the URG advisors. Their expertise and knowledge of various University and Community programs that relate to my field of study provided me with invaluable volunteer experiences and connections."



Ramsha - Faculty of Business Administration (Currently working in her field) 

"I am so glad that I reached out and joined the UR Guarantee. I have received an incredible amount of help, support and guidance from my UR Guarantee Advisor in exploring career opportunities, building a strong resume portfolio, preparing for competitive job positions through a mock interview and maybe most importantly learning more about myself, my potential and capabilities through my university life experiences. There is always something for everyone in the UR Guarantee Program; you just have to be a part of it to know how it can really assist you."


Larisa - Graduate from the Faculty Media, Art and Performance (Currently working in her field)

"I joined the UR Guarantee Program in my second year, but I did so because it was something I wanted to do during my entire first year but kept procrastinating. I started thinking what have I got to lose if I join the program? The answer was "nothing" because the program has only helped me. I like the idea of building my resume and the program is designed to do just that. The initial meeting with the advisor was very refreshing as the advisors are there to encourage you to reach your goals. Thanks to the program, I have been able to build a solid resume, gain unique social and intellectual experiences, and the only cost is a little time and effort."


Vandana - Graduate from the Faculty of Nursing (Currently working in her field)

"I was proud to be a part of UR Guarantee program. Throughout this program, I was able to develop many skills which helped me in my nursing program and have assisted in life after university including: how to prepare myself for an interview and how to make a professional resume. Before joining the UR Guarantee program, I was very shy but then became more active in activities at U of R and outside university. I am very thankful to UR Guarantee team for their hard work and for helping to make my university experience wonderful."


Melanie - Faculty of Social Work (Currently working in her field)

"UR Guarantee has allowed me to participate and volunteer with all kinds of programs such as Habitat for Humanity and the University of Regina Relay for Life. Being involved in activities has allowed me to meet new people and learn about everything the U of R has to offer. Also the support from the UR Guarantee staff is so helpful when you are stuck or need help with something going on in your life. The time and effort the staff puts in to making a person's university experience is greatly appreciated! "

Ryan Ryan - Graduate of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (Currently working in his field)

"The URG program provided me the opportunity to gain additional insight about myself and what my interests really were with regards to how I learned and what I was interested in. The goals that I had set for myself through the UR Guarantee program helped me to look deeper into what activities were available on and off campus that really pertained to my personality and career."

Carlie - Graduate of the Faculty of Education (Currently working in her field)

"I really liked this program because of the organization it provided and having access to a large on-campus database of academic success and career-related activities. It really opened my eyes to more opportunities, and I got program credit for the things I do on an ongoing basis. The experiences I gained through the UR Guarantee program benefited my career planning by making me conscious of the things I need to work on, and provided opportunities for improvement. As well I was able to get involved in activities that enhanced my in class experiences and opened doors for me upon graduation."



Sylvianne - Graduate from the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies (Completed her studys to become a chiropractor)

"The UR Guarantee program is a great way to get involved and connected with your University. From my experience, the UR Guarantee program helps students manage their time and provides volunteer opportunities that could benefit now and in the future. As well as it is a great way to meet new people and create relationships, whether it would be with other UR Guarantee students, students around campus, or even your UR Guarantee Advisors."

Peter - Graduate of the Faculty of Science (Currently working in his chosen field)

"UR Guarantee provided answers to all my questions as a new student and gave me advice on how to be a better student in my academics and other social activities. I am now working in a professional career job and continue to tutor students as a way to give back and help new students."


The UR Guarantee Program is loaded with benefits. As a participant you will:

  • Receive a customized program based primarily on your specific needs and schedule (with limited time commitment required).
  • Gain access to relevant academic workshops, career development initiatives, student engagement activities and service and leadership opportunities.
  • Work directly with an experienced program advisor who will assist you throughout the program.
  • Enhance your overall university experience and become more prepared for your career after university.
  • Participate in your own career-relevant mock interview as you prepare to stand out from the competition.
  • Receive one-on-one resume support.
  • Have our guarantee of career-related employment after graduation.


Wallace Lockhart

I urge all of my first year students to sign up for UR Guarantee. University life is so different from high school, and it can be difficult to navigate. This program gives students the extra guidance, support and structure to help them along the way. To me - it's not about the guarantee; it's about getting the most out of your university experience.

Dr. Wallace Lockhart - Business Administration

Douglas Cripps

As the Associate Dean – Undergraduate Programs in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Health Studies, I have encouraged my students to register for and become involved in the UR Guarantee Program. It will make a difference in the lives of students and enable them to aspire to make a difference in the lives of others as well.

The program supports a student’s journey of learning and professional development. The combination of workshops, seminars, and experiences will help the student develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that employers are looking for. As a result, they will become highly desirable employees.

Dr. Douglas Cripps - Associate Dean Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Shaun Fallat

The UR Guarantee program offers a unique and valued experience for undergraduates and I recommend that all undergraduate students become familiar with the opportunities that this program can offer. Students with Bachelor’s degrees need to stay competitive and should consider any program that seeks to provide an edge for students search for opportunities both during their studies and beyond. I also feel that this program has been carefully constructed to ensure a certain breadth of skills are acquired for opportunities beyond their coursework. The concentration on leadership and citizenship are extremely valuable for students moving forward in their university studies.

Dr. Shaun Fallat - Faculty of Science

Susan Johnston

What I love about UR Guarantee is that it gives students an incentive to do what works. The transition to University, whether from high school or the working world, whether from Regina, Saskatchewan or Lahore, India, can be very difficult, and it doesn’t just have to do with your grades in high school or your program. There are a lot of reasons university doesn’t work out for some people, but there are a few things you can do that we know work for every student, work to keep them in school and on track to graduate on time and find work in related fields: timely and regular student advising, engagement with campus life in curricular and extra-curricular activities, volunteer service work, career preparation. All these things work to keep students on campus, in class, and on track to graduation. It’s no wonder that the most successful students in my classes are often UR Guarantee students, because the program gives them a real momentum that drives them forward to their goals.

Susan Johnston, Associate Professor, English, Faculty of Arts