Library Information

Mission Statement

As one who serves, the mission of the University of Regina Library is to facilitate the acquisition of required information.

Our Vision

The Library will be an essential partner in the research and instructional endeavours of the University of Regina providing an information infrastructure rooted in a knowledgeable and responsive staff, a sound collection base, and the continuous pursuit of collaborative opportunities to expand access to scholarly information resources.

Through a team effort focused on satisfying the information needs of the University's students and staff, the provision of relevant services, the innovative application of information technology and a commitment to delivering the right information whenever and wherever required, we will maintain and enhance our essential role.

We will measure our achievements and satisfaction by the degree to which we are successful in creating independent, effective information seekers and users, and by our ability to meet their varied information needs.

Principles and Values

The Library will be committed to a series of values and principles which will determine our attitudes and guide our behaviours.

Values of the Organization

  • Honesty, Integrity and Mutual Respect

    The strategic planning process will support the development of a shared vision, based on honesty, integrity and mutual respect.

  • Reliability, Accuracy, Efficiency

    These qualities will be the basis of everything we do.

  • Commitment to Service

    This will be the continuing principle in our provision of information.

  • An Adaptable, Well Trained Staff

    This will enable us to remain focused on meeting our users' changing information needs.

Principles of the Organization

  • Commitment to staff training
  • Commitment to developing and maintaining a core collection
  • Commitment to providing appropriate service