New Titles

The University of Regina Library has online options for viewing newly acquired materials. All three sites provide titles differently depending on how you wish to search and view items.  Brief descriptions of the different access points are below.

  1. New Titles (University of Regina Library Catalog) 

    This list contains new titles in various formats and is updated daily.  Default search parameters can be customized by location, format, language, etc.   The University of Regina Library Catalog contains the most comprehensive list of new titles.

  2. This site has a drop-down menu that contains subjects for viewing only new books.  Each category is linked to its counterpart on the Library’s Pinterest account.   Subject pages are usually updated weekly.   Pinterest only contains new titles that have illustrated book covers.  All book covers are hyperlinked to their records in the University of Regina Library Catalog

  3. New Titles (RSS Feeds)

    The New Books RSS feed is based on the New Titles list which extracts summarized lists of newly catalogued items from the Library's Voyager database. The New Books list is generated every day to list all new items catalogued over the last four weeks.