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Filling out the REB ethics application when using Qualtrics: FAQs

  1. How does Qualtrics ensure the security of the data they gather? (Question 4.1.2 on the REB application)
    • All communications to/from the Qualtrics servers are encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security). Data at rest is also encrypted.
    • For additional security, surveys may be password protected or obfuscated using a difficult to guess survey ID.
    • The Qualtrics servers are protected by Web Application Firewalls and Qualtrics employs an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to monitor system access for unauthorized uses.
  2. How was permission to use Qualtrics obtained? (Question 4.1.3 on the REB application)
    • The University of Regina has a license with Qualtrics. All members of the University of Regina can use Qualtrics for research purposes.
  3. How does Qualtrics protect the privacy and confidentiality of participants who may be identified by email addresses, IP addresses, and other identifying information that may be captured by the system? (Question 4.1.4 on the REB application)
    • The data collected by Qualtrics is determined by the author of each individual survey. Researchers have the option to exclude identifiable information, such as email addresses and IP addresses. However, some surveys, by the author’s design, will collect individually identifiable information. As Qualtrics cannot determine in advance the nature of the information in its custody all information is treated as confidential and the property of the customer. Survey information is only available to the survey author and those who are granted access by the author.
  4. What measures does Qualtrics provide to securely transport the data from their servers to the researcher(s)? (Question 8.3.2 on the REB application)
    • See the response to Question 1.
    • This question pertains to the secure transmission / transportation of the data to the researchers. Once it is in the possession of the researcher, the researcher must take further measures to securely store the data (e.g., on a password protected laptop).
  5. When using Qualtrics for data collection, where is the data stored? (Question 8.33 on the REB application)
    • For researchers at Canadian institutions, Qualtrics stores their data in Ireland. Thus the data is not subject to the US Patriot Act.
    • Once the data is downloaded from Qualtrics, the researcher must identify where it is stored at the University of Regina.
  6. Does the University of Regina’s license with Qualtrics allow access for collaborating researchers at other institutions?
    • Without having a formal relationship with the U of Regina the collaborating researcher would not fall under our license agreement. Either a license from their home institution or an individual license would be required for them to access the system. However, the data collected could certainly be shared once it has been downloaded