Policies and Procedures Manual

Content on this site is being updated as part of the University’s policy renewal project. Renewed policies can now be found at www.uregina.ca/policy in one of the following four areas: governance, operations, employment and research.

Policy renewal is a work in progress, and the University will continue to develop and post policies over the coming months. If you are experiencing difficulty locating a policy, email policy@uregina.ca or call 306-585-5281.

  GENERAL (Section 10)
10.55 Publications Distribution Policy
10.95 Intellectual Property Policy
  HUMAN RESOURCES (Section 20)
20.35.30 Secondment Policy
20.70 Employment vs Contracted Services
20.105.20 Violence Prevention Policy
30.02 Summary of Financial Signing Authority Policies Travel Insurance BMO Mastercard Corporate Travel Card
30.20.05 University Insurance Coverages
30.20.10 What to do in the Event of a Loss / Insurance Claim
30.30.10 Procedure to Have an Invoice Paid
30.30.15 Signing Authorization
30.35.05 Responsibility for Reviewing University Financial Accounts
30.50.10 Creation of Special Project Funds
30.50.20 Creation of a New Research Account
30.50.25 Requesting the Deletion of an Unneeded Account (i.e. FOAPAL)
  PURCHASING (Section 40)
40.01 Purchasing Policy
40.03 Purchasing Card Program
40.05 Policy - Tendering (CompetitiveBidding Process)
40.20 Construction Tendering Policy
  Budget Allocation and Control (Section 50)
50.10 The Budget Process
50.20 Budget Policies for Faculties and Similar Academic Units
50.60 Position Control
50.61 Requesting a New Position Number
50.62 Policies and Procedures Regarding Funding for Academic Administrators
50.63 Policies and Procedures Regarding Termination of Employment and SalaryFall -In
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  RESEARCH FUNDS (Section 140)
140.20 Policy on University of Regina Centres / Institutes
140.30 Recovery of the Indirect Costs of Research and Service Contracts
Vice-President (Administration)
Vice-President (Administration)