Stan Rands

RANDS, Stan  (1908-1985)

Stanley (Stan) Rands was born in Fort Macleod, Alberta on July 20, 1909. His father was a Yorkshire coal miner and Stanley attended a rural public school and MacLeod High graduating in 1928.  Rands married Doris Fraser of Pilot Mound, Manitoba on December 24, 1943 and had three children, Jeanie, Brian and Ailsa. 

Rands received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta in 1931 and a Master of Arts degree in psychology and education in 1937. As a Rhodes Scholar, he attended Oxford University in England, and earned a Diploma in Theology in 1934 and a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy, politics, and economics in 1936.

From 1937 to 1942 Rands taught high school in Alberta and served as Dean of Alberta College for one year and Senior Instructor with the Correspondence School Branch for two years then moved to Winnipeg where he served concurrently as Assistant/Acting Director of Adult Education at the University of Manitoba and Western Regional Supervisor for the National Film Board.  He was promoted to the National Film Board headquarters in Ottawa where he worked as Director of Research and Reports and Program Coordinator from 1945 to 1950.

He moved to Regina in order to work for the Saskatchewan Department of Public Health as the Director of Health Education from 1950 to 1951 and from 1950 to 1954 Rands was Assistant to the Director of Psychiatric Services; he acted as Deputy Director of Psychiatric Services from 1954 to1963.

During the time of the doctors' strike in Saskatchewan over Medicare in 1963, Rands left the civil service to serve as Executive Director of the Community Health Services Association (Saskatchewan), an organization dedicated to establishing community clinics throughout the province.   In 1966 the funding for his position was no longer available but Rands continued to work on behalf of the Association on a volunteer basis.

In 1965 Stan Rands joined the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus staff serving as a sessional instructor lecturing in Psychology.  Rands achieved the rank of Associate Professor in 1971 and formally retired in 1976 although he continued to teach as a sessional.  He was name Professor Emeritus in 1977.

Throughout his career, Rands held many executive positions:  the Canadian Mental Health Association in Regina, the Regina Defense Committee, the Regina Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Public Health Association, Saskatchewan Branch, the Saskatchewan Psychological Association, Regina Pioneer Village and the Saskatchewan Federation of Home and School.  He was an advocate of medicare, and community organizations in the areas of health, education, peace, civil liberties, and aging were areas of great interest him. 

Rands was also a founding member of the Canada-China Friendship Association (Saskatchewan);  and a founding board member, (serving a number of years as secretary-treasurer) of the Community Health Services Association, Regina and in 1972 was named as honorary board member of the Regina Community Clinic.

Stan’s book, 'Privilege and Policy: A History of Community Clinics in Saskatchewan' was finished by his friends and in 1994 was published posthumously.

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85-80 - Professional Papers and Research Material, 1957-1983

86-36 - Professional Papers, Research and Teaching Material, 1947-1979

89-70 - Professional Papers and Research Material, 1905-1987