UR Courses

UR Courses is the primary Online Learning Environment (OLE) used at the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges.

UR Courses login button graphic: faint silhouette of main campus buildings


  • Access to your course is typically available at the start of the semester. If the semester has already begun, access to your course will become available approximately 24 hours after enrollment.

  • If you are missing a course in UR Courses, please contact your instructor.

  • For assignment, exam, or course material questions, please contact your instructor.

  • If you are registered in a fully online course, visit Flexible Learning's Online Course Support page for additional information.

For additional information, refer to our Students page.


  • If you intend to use UR Courses for the upcoming semester, please login and complete the Faculty Course Creation Form.
  • If you have a UR Courses question, problem, or need to extend a course, please submit a UR Courses ticket.

For additional information, refer to our Instructors page.


Technical Support

Contact IT Support for login, software, web browser, or other technical questions you may have.

Library Support

For assistance with the Library, contact Library Support with any questions you may have.