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Funding Your Education

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Your university education may be one of the largest and most important investments that you will make. At the University of Regina, we have a variety of options available to help fund your education.  Have questions? Contact Enrolment Services!

Undergraduate Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

Discover our institution's vibrant support system: scholarships for academic excellence, awards for outstanding extracurricular contributions, and bursaries to assist students in need. You will automatically be considered for a number of scholarships while others will require an application.

Graduate Scholarships and Funding

Our fully-qualified graduate students are eligible to apply for our scholarships, awards, or graduate teaching assistant positions.

Government Financial Assistance (Student Loans)

The Government of Canada and the provincial governments work together to provide financial assistance to help eligible students pay for post-secondary education. When you apply, the government will assess your financial situation and offer grants and loans based on your needs.

Work Experience

The Co-op Program is a great way for students to help finance their education and gain valuable experience. It alternates practical, career-related, paid work terms with semesters in class, giving students 12-16 months of supervised work experience by the time they graduate.

Additional Funding Opportunities

There are more than just University of Regina scholarships and awards available to you - learn about other opportunities here!

Financial Literacy and Budgeting Help

Part of successfully funding your education is understanding how to manage your finances well. Creating a budget is smart and is an important way to plan your financial future. By tracking your income and expenses, you can create a financial plan that works for you.