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Undergraduate Awards

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Scholarship Deadlines

Entrance Award Deadlines

Application Available Deadline Date Results Available
January 7, 2024 March 15, 2024 June


Continuing Award Deadlines

Semester Application Available Deadline Date Results Available
Fall September 4, 2023 October 2, 2023 December
Winter January 1, 2024 February 1, 2024 April
Spring May 1, 2024 June 1, 2024 July

Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

When and how will I receive my scholarship?
Undergraduate award, bursaries, and scholarships are paid directly the U of R student account.  You will be able to see this deposited to your account in UR Self-Service.  These funds are paid after the last day to add or drop a course with a 100% refund for the term (also called the "End of 100% refund period" in the Academic Schedule).  You can find this date in the online Academic Schedule.  The add/drop deadline or "end of 100% refund period" will always be after the first day of classes for the term, so although tuition and fees are due then, students actually have a grace period in which they can pay their fees (usually the month of September in the Fall term, or the month of January in the Winter term).  If students have already paid their fees in full, and the application of scholarship funds results in a credit on their account, students can contact Financial Services for a refund.
What’s your best financial aid advice?
Good question!
• Give yourself time to navigate through the scholarships and awards system to see your many options.
• Attend a financial aid workshop to learn more.
• Apply for scholarships and awards, rather than limiting your options by assuming you aren’t eligible and not applying.  The  U of R selects scholarships and awards based on a variety of eligibility criteria. Some awards focus more on academic achievement or grades, but others look more strongly at financial need or extracurricular and community involvement.
• Follow these tips for doing your best on award applications.
• Also check for financial aid options through your home province.
• The financial support that is a good fit for you may be different than others. Some students choose student loans/grants; others rely on scholarships and savings. Making informed decisions will help in the long run. Don’t count yourself out because you think you won’t receive financial aid. Put in the application for the options you want to pursue.
How do I find scholarships and awards offered at the University of Regina?
You can browse the entire awards inventory on SAMS (Student Award Management System) to see every scholarship, award and bursary offered. Also all applicants are automatically considered for automatic entrance awards.  See details.
What is SAMS?
SAMS is U of R’s online Student Awards Management System. You can use SAMS two ways:
1. Public search page: Visit SAMS and log in as a guest. Anyone can browse the entire awards inventory, see award values, view eligibility criteria and check the application deadlines without creating a login account.
2. Secure login page: U of R students can register to use the secure SAMS site to see their own academic information, apply online for awards and see a summary of past awards received.
What is a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), and where do I go to get my RESP form signed?

Registered Education Savings Plan are investment vehicles that some families use to prepare for university expenses. You can get your RESP form signed at the Registrar's Office or your federated college. The Student Awards and Financial Aid office is not authorized to complete these forms.

The Registrar's Office is in Room 210, Administration-Humanities Building.

What financial aid awards am I eligible for?
Every award uses different eligibility criteria. Some focus on your program of study while others look at activities and financial need.
  • Review the criteria for all awards online, then apply for as many of those where you fit the qualifications.
  • Make sure you highlight how you meet the criteria when submitting a personal statement.
What awards are available to international students?
International student are eligible for all University of Regina awards, except those that require Canadian citizenship or permanent residency. If you meet all the eligibility criteria of an award, please submit an application so you can be included for consideration. There are also special entrance scholarships specifically for international students.
When are award applications due?
We have four major award application deadlines as listed above.  The majority of the awards at the U of R will be included in at least one of these applications.  You can review the deadlin in SAMS for each award.
What should I include in my personal statement?

Use your personal statement to highlight your leadership activities and experience, career goals, volunteer activities, extracurricular involvement as well as your unique skills, abilities, interests and aspirations as they relate to all the awards for which you apply. Review the eligibility criteria for each award and shape your personal statement around these requirements.

Note, however, U of R only accepts one personal statement, so your personal statement must include information applicable for all the awards in your application.

If an award requires you to demonstrate something very specific, it will typically require a separate essay. In those cases, look for details about “other requirements" in the award instructions on what to provide.

How and when do I get my money for the award(s) I receive?

Almost all awards get applied directly to your student account with the University of Regina — reducing the amount you owe to the University. However, some awards do make payment directly to students. The Student Awards and Financial Aid team will notify you at the time the award is offered if this is the case.

The timing of award delivery depends on when you receive notification of your award.
  • If you receive an award for a future term, you typically receive your money after the add/drop date for classes and before the end of the penalty-free period for payments.
  • If you receive an award in the middle of a term for the current term, the funds will be applied to your account as soon as the offer is made.

For example, if you receive notification in June about an award for the upcoming Fall semester, the award will be applied to your account at the end of September. If you receive notification in October about an award for the fall semester, this amount will be applied to your account immediately.

If there are no fees owing on your student account, you can contact Financial Services to receive a refund, or you can leave the funds on your account for a future term.

What happens to my award if I am on a co-op work term?
Students completing a co-op work term remain eligible to apply for and receive awards each semester. In most cases, the funds apply to your student account as soon as you are selected to receive an award.
I paid my tuition before my award(s) credited to my university account; how do I get a refund?
If you have already paid your tuition and later receive an award, contact Financial Services to request a refund.
What happens to my award(s) if I drop a course?
Your award letter outlines requirements you must meet to keep your scholarship. If you drop a course, you may lose your scholarship and be required to pay the tuition difference back to the university. Prior to making any changes to your registration, please ensure you understand the impact.
What happens if I change my degree program?
Sometimes, a change in your program can impact your scholarships awarded. If you receive a scholarship in a specific program or faculty for a future term, but then you change your program, you may no longer be eligible for the scholarship.
Who do I talk to about Athletics awards I am expecting to receive?

If you are expecting to receive Athletics awards but have not yet been notified by our office, please contact either your coach or the Athletics office.

I'm applying for an external scholarship that requires an endorsement from the University of Regina. What is the process I need to follow?
If an external award requires that the University of Regina endorse the applicants, please contact the Student Awards and Financial Aid office to find out the process for that particular award.
How do external scholarships get applied to my student account?
When outside funding sources send external scholarships to the University of Regina, Financial Services applies the funds directly to your student account.
Once the scholarship is applied to your account, it reduces the amount you owe. If there are no fees owing or balance to be paid in your account, and additional funds remain, then you can request a refund from Financial Services.
What happens to my University of Regina Entrance Scholarship if my final high school average is different from my early conditional admission average?

If your final high school average ends up higher and puts you into a higher award bracket, look for an email from U of R after mid-August informing you of increases to your scholarship offer.

If your final high school average ends up lower, it does not affect previous scholarship offers.

Do you have any automatic awards for continuing students?
Yes, we have the Academic Gold and Silver awards offered to top-performing students. Please see the Student Awards Management Systems (SAMS) for award criteria.
Why do I only get transcript mention for the Academic Gold or Academic Silver Prize? Why can't I get the money for the scholarship?
Unless you are returning to undergraduate studies at the University of Regina in the Fall or Winter semesters, you will receive a mention of the Academic Gold Prize or Academic Silver Prize on your transcript.
What is the President's Medal, and when is the application deadline?
The President's Medal is awarded at each Spring and Fall convocation based on academic performance and community focus.
Applications become available approximately one month before the end of the term.
Each faculty sets its own deadline, so check with your faculty office to find out when you need to submit your application.
How are University of Regina awards funded?
Funding for awards come from the University of Regina, the Government of Saskatchewan or through donations from private donors.
My family member is an employee of the University of Regina. How do I apply for the U of R Family Scholarship?

The University of Regina Family Scholarship assists immediate family members (spouse, partner or eligible dependent) of eligible U of R employees when they pursue studies at the undergraduate or post-graduate level.

Eligible recipients must be a recognized dependent of a CUPE Local 1975-01 employee, an Administrative Professional and Technical employee, an Academic Staff Member or an Out-of-Scope employee. Applications for the award must be submitted to the Student Awards and Financial Aid office by the following deadlines:

  • Fall: September 15
  • Winter: January 15
  • Spring: May 15

The scholarship will be presented to University of Regina students who meet the following criteria:

For new undergraduate students entering directly from high school or transferring from another recognized post-secondary institution:
  • Entering high school students or post-secondary transfer student will have a minimum admission average of 75%;
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate in any field of study;
  • Registered and remains registered in a minimum of 12 credit hours in the semester the award is presented; and
  • Is a recognized dependent or spouse of an eligible University of Regina CUPE Local 5791 member, Administrative Professional and Technical member, Academic Staff member, or an Out-of-Scope employee as outlined in the respective collective bargaining agreements.

For admitted undergraduate students:

  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate in any field of study;
  • Registered and remains registered in a minimum of 12 credit hours in the semester the award is presented;
  • Successfully completed a minimum of 23 credit hours;
  • Minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) or 75%; and
  • Is a recognized dependent or spouse of an eligible University of Regina CUPE Local 5791 member, Administrative Professional and Technical member, Academic Staff member, or an Out-of-Scope employee as outlined in the respective collective bargaining agreements.

For further clarification, the definition of a dependent or spouse will be based on Sun Life's policy which can be found online.

Once a student has received the award, they will be automatically renewed for each semester of each year (to a maximum of $2,000 per family member per academic year (May 1 - April 30)) in which they continue to meet the eligibility requirements. If a previous recipient has not met the requirements for two consecutive semesters, they will no longer be automatically assessed each semester, and will be required to re-apply for the award.

Each scholarship is awarded at $1,000 per semester, up to a maximum of $2,000 per year, per family member.

The University of Regina Family Scholarship Application can be submitted to the SAFA office in person or by email to once it is completed.