You can access a pdf document with step-by-step instructions to assist with requesting, receiving, and sharing your Official Transcript.

What is an unofficial transcript?

An unofficial transcript is available for viewing in UR Self-Service. The unofficial transcript can be printed and used for a variety of purposes. Your unofficial transcript may meet the requirements of many external organizations, saving you from having to order your official transcript.

There are no fees for unofficial transcripts.

Unofficial transcripts are available in UR-Self Service. In the Student Tab choose Student Records and then Current Registration and List of Courses (Unofficial Transcript).

Note: A financial hold will prevent a student from viewing their unofficial transcript.

What is an official transcript?

An official transcript is a detailed record of your complete academic history at the University of Regina that includes an authorized signature. Official transcripts include a record of every term that you have attended, undergraduate and graduate courses, awarded degrees/diplomas/certificates, and transfer credit received.

An official transcript is issued as a secure digital document that you can share with any recipient of your choice. The University of Regina issues secured official transcripts through the MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC platform.

You can follow step-by-step instructions for requesting, receiving, and sharing your official transcripts .

How do I request my official transcripts?

You can request your official transcript from your UR Self-Service account.

If you do not have access to your UR Self-Service account or you do not remember your U of R student ID number and PIN, please contact IT Support at 306-585-4685 or email for assistance.

You can follow step-by-step instructions for requesting official transcripts .

Outstanding Accounts and Miscellaneous Holds

Official transcripts will not be issued until all outstanding financial and/or other obligations to the University of Regina and its federated colleges have been cleared.

Visit holds for further details.

Is there a fee for official transcripts?

The fee for an official transcript is $15 and is paid online in your MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC portal once the document has been uploaded to your account. The charges on your credit card statement will appear as ARUCCMYCREDSMESCERTIF, CALGARY. You will be able to view, print, share, and request updated versions of your transcripts for a one year (365 days).

An official transcript can be shared multiple times to multiple institutions and organizations for a one year period (365 days) from the date of payment. The advantage to this is that individuals are in complete control of whom they share their official transcript with, 24/7.

You can follow step-by-step instructions for paying for official transcripts .

Processing Time

Your transcript will be processed within two to three business days from receipt of your request. The U of R is not open on weekends or statutory holidays. During peak periods, requests may take longer.

Note: The Registrar’s Office is closed for the holiday break in December. Transcript requests received 5 business days prior to the holiday break will be processed before the break begins. Transcript requests received 4 business days or later before the closure and during the closure will be processed within 5 business days of the first business day in January. For more information on the specific dates of closure, the Academic Schedule should be consulted.

Do I need to register for MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC first?

You should request your transcripts in UR Self-Service first. Once your transcript is available, you will receive a notification email from MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC with a link that will guide you in registering your account.

NOTE: If you register ahead of time the document may not be uploaded to the correct account.

You can follow step-by-step instructions for Registration and Sign in for MyCreds .

What if I already have a MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC account?

If you already have registered for an account with MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC or you have an account from another University, you can use this account to receive your University of Regina transcripts.

When requesting your transcripts, make sure to use the same email address that you have listed in your current MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC account.

You can also link another email and/or education provider to your current account to connect the University of Regina transcripts.

UR Self-Service indicates that my transcript is available in MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC, but I did not receive an email.

Check, which email you selected when you made your request in UR Self-Service.

Please read the following options to assist you:

If you have already accessed University of Regina documents within your MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC account, you can go directly to and sign in without the email.


If you are a current student, you can go to and use the “Sign in with your Education Provider” option on bottom section of the Sign in page.


Contact the Registrar’s Office at (306) 585-4127 or email and we can send another notification email to you.

You can follow step-by-step instructions for Registration and Sign in for MyCreds .

My MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC account says that I do not have any documents available, how can I access my transcripts?

Have you requested your official transcripts in UR Self-Service?

You must make a Document Request in your UR Self-Service account. Official Transcripts are not automatically uploaded or updated into your MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC account. *see example below

What is the status of your request in UR Self-Service?

A list of Requested Documents will show at the bottom of the Document Request section of UR Self-Service. The status for each request is listed on the far left. The status should say “Available in MyCreds”. *see example below

What processing option did you select when making your request?

Official Transcripts can be requested for immediate processing or for processing to be “held” until final grades or graduate credentials have been recorded. If you did not request Immediate as your option, your request is in the que waiting for either your current term final grades or graduation credentials to be recorded.

What is the email address you selected when making your request?

The official transcript will be uploaded to MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC based on the email you selected in UR Self-Service. If the email address is not linked to your current MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC account, the document will not show.

If you are a current student, the document may have been uploaded to your Education Provider account. You can link this to your current account in the Account settings page of MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC

*Example of UR Self-Service request information located at the bottom of the Document Request:

Example Image

How do I get my official transcripts sent directly from the University of Regina to another institution or organization?

Documents shared through MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC are sent directly from the University of Regina and are tamper-evident and cryptographically signed, making them authentic and official. You can securely and conveniently access and share your academic documents with other colleges and universities, government, employers, and third parties.

You must use the share button located next to your document in your MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC account. If you download and send your documents using your own email, it may not be accepted.

You can follow step-by-step instructions on sharing Official Transcripts .

What if the institution or organization only receives transcripts as a paper copy sent by mail?

While most locations in Canada accept transcripts shared using the MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC platform, some still do not, including many international locations. We encourage you to check with your specific location directly as more and more locations are accepting electronic transcripts, even if it is not noted on their website or application documentation. If the location provides an email to send electronic transcripts, then you can share your Official Transcripts using MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC.

If you have shared your official transcripts using MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC, but the institution or organization has rejected your document, check the version of your transcript before contacting us. If the transcript is not current or is missing information, you may need to request a new version to be uploaded and then share your transcript again. If you are still within the 365 days of your last payment, there will not be any additional costs.

You can email for information and regarding the process for paper copies. There is a $15 per paper copy fee, unless you have already paid for your Official Transcripts in MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC within the last year (365 days).

Courier charges are available for an additional cost depending on the location.

Why is my official transcript not up to date and/or missing current information?

You must request a new official transcript through UR Self-Services, then a new version of your transcripts will be uploaded and a notification email will be sent to you once available. Official transcripts that are uploaded to your MyCredsTM | MesCertifMC portal are not automatically updated and have an “Issued Date” on the document.

If you have already paid the $15 fee, you will not be required to pay again. The remaining time you have from your initial payment will continue with the new version.