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Costs and Aid

Your education at the University of Regina is an investment in yourself and your future. As with all investments, it’s important to understand the full cost and value of what you are getting.

You also need to know about the resources and options available to help you pay for your University of Regina education, including:

  • Financial aid including awards, bursaries, prizes and scholarships
  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Co-op and internship opportunities

Tuition Costs

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University of Regina calculates your tuition costs, including costs per credit hour, based on several factors:

Level of study

  • Undergraduate student (bachelor’s degree)
  • Graduate student (master’s degree or higher)

Rate based on country of origin

  • Domestic / Canadian student
  • International student
  • Special rates for American students from Montana and North Dakota

Program of study

  • Your faculty
  • Your specific program of study (primarily for graduate-level programs with different tuition structures)

Financial Aid

Financial aid can help subsidize, or pay part of the costs, of your education. While merit-based financial aid rewards high academic achievement, needs-based financial aid addresses equity in education. Financial aid helps students overcome barriers to higher education.

Using financial aid to help pay for your degree program at U of R gives you more resources to invest in yourself and your future.

We encourage you to access all financial aid available to you:

  • Do not assume you won’t qualify for aid. Apply!
  • Learn to navigate the undergraduate awards system by looking through everything available.

The University of Regina also offers many scholarships and awards that provide financial help to graduate students. Once you have been accepted as a fully qualified graduate student with no conditions or holds on your admission, then you are eligible to apply for our scholarships, awards or graduate teaching assistant positions.

Find out more about graduate scholarships and awards, and the Graduate Awards Portal.

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Undergraduate Student Awards, Bursaries, Prizes and Scholarships

University of Regina gives you access to many awards, bursaries, prizes and scholarships. The best thing about these forms of financial aid is that you don’t have to repay them. From automatic entrance awards to application-based ones, find out about all the financial aid options. If you are connecting to the U of R through our Federated College partners, or if you are an Indigenous student, you can also access additional financial aid resources specifically for you.

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Additional Funding Opportunities

In addition to financial aid options available through U of R, we have even more opportunities for you to access awards, loans, and emergency funding opportunities.

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Graduate Student Scholarships and Awards

The University of Regina offers many scholarships and awards that provide financial help to graduate students.

Student Loans & Grants

In Canada, federal and provincial / territorial governments provide student financial assistance through student loans and student educational grants.

Tip! Even if you do not want to take out student loans, apply for government student assistance anyway. Why? Because doing so automatically puts you into consideration for government grants. Start applying for student loans in mid-June for the fall semester.

How to Make the Most of Opportunities at the U of R

The value of your university education far exceeds your tuition budget. The real-world significance of your academic, professional and other personal growth while earning your degree from the University of Regina total so much more.

Plus, the value of what you learn while attending U of R creates ripples of benefit and impact when you bring your talents into the world after graduation.

Value of a U of R Degree

It's more than earning class credit.

Money Matters

Learn how to create a budget and plan for your financial future.

Earn While You Learn

Gain valuable job experience and get paid (often $3,000/month) while you learn via co-ops and internships.

Dental and Health Plans

Learn more about extended dental and health plans available through the U of R Students’ Union.