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Gord Asmundson posing on campus during a nice sunny summer day.

U of R mental-health researcher awarded Order of Canada

Dr. Gordon Asmundson has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada for his ongoing research, mentorship, and clinical practice in the field of mental-health research and treatment.

The Metis Nation flag flapping in the wind on a sunny day

Revitalizing the Michif language

Dr. Melanie Griffith Brice, Gabriel Dumont Research Chair in Métis/Michif Education, is working to pass on the Michif language before it’s too late.

International studies assistant professor Dr. Brian McQuinn

Post wars: How social media is reshaping armed conflict

International studies assistant professor Dr. Brian McQuinn says social media has fundamentally transformed the nature of most civil wars and political violence in general.

Research Impacts Communities

Our faculty and student researchers share a desire to understand and influence the world. Where teaching and research come together, daring discovery occurs! Our diverse research community includes faculty members, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and several research chairs. Ten institutional-level research centres and institutes and numerous faculty-operated centres support research collaboration and partnerships focused on our signature research. Diverse worldviews and our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion for research make us stronger.

Research Centres

University of Regina supports research excellence through its Research Centres.

Research Partnerships

To fulfil the University of Regina’s commitment to strengthening connections to communities, our researchers partner and collaborate locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally across all of our stakeholder groups, including Indigenous communities, not-for-profit, government, non-governmental and industry organizations. The U of R is committed to forging reciprocal relationships that generate interest in and increase the societal relevance of our research efforts.

Indigenous Research

We are committed to Truth and Reconciliation and to incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing and being in our research and teaching.

Research Resources

two students in lab two people in boat fishing Kim Schaan and  Engineering professor Raman Paranjape with graduate students Victor Okonkwo, Juan Echavarria, Haijun Gao and Tokini Briggs with a motorized toy car they created for children who can't move on their own.

The University of Regina is a comprehensive research university. Find the resources you need to pursue your research.

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