The University of Regina is a home for learning and sharing educational and cultural opportunities with the our communities. Our alumni family is more than 90,000 strong with roots in 113 countries. We pride ourselves on our connections — to our alumni family and the wider community in our city and province. We are your university, and we want to stay in touch!

Our University is excited to celebrate it's 50th anniversary this year! We hope you'll join us for a year of special events that we have planned for our alumni and community, including an action-packed Alumni Week in October, and much more! Our year of celebrations kicks off on July 1, and we want our alumni to join the party! Visit our 50th Anniversary page where you can share your alumni memories and photos, find out more about our University's incredible story, and learn about upcoming 50th Anniversary events!

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Your time at at the University of Regina was filled with cherished friends, inspiring learning experiences, and hopes for the future. Have a special memory you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear about it! Send us your photos and stories and we'll share them on our 50th Anniversary Hub!


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The U of R offers many opportunities for alumni and friends to keep in touch, learn, and make new connections.

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Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards

Every year, the University of Regina celebrates the best and brightest among its more than 90,000 alumni with the Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards (ACAAs). This year’s recipients include educators, leaders, community advocates, and entrepreneurs – and are living embodiments of the University of Regina’s motto: As One Who Serves.

This year, we're excited to celebrate the ACAAs on Saturday, October 19 as part of our 50th Anniversary Alumni Week! Follow the link below to learn about this year's recipients!


When you help the next generation of scientists, business leaders, engineers, health professionals and others be successful today, they can contribute fostering strong, vibrant communities in the years to come. Whether you decide to support a specific campaign like Experiential Learning or a faculty priority, your donation will help shape the world in which you want to live. 
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The Wilhelm Impact: One family's legacy at the U of R


The year was 1967 and the future was brimming with promise and potential. Tie dye, bell bottoms, and peace signs were everywhere as millions of visitors from around the world descended on Montréal’s Expo 67 to celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday. Stepping into this world was a brilliant young teacher by the name of Bernard Wilhelm – a Swiss intellectual whose visions of a bilingual studies centre would emerge in the middle of the prairies.

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Directing from the Heart: Candy Fox BFA'15


Treaty 4 filmmaker Candy Fox has built and impressive career in the nine years since she graduated from Media, Art, and Performance at the University of Regina. Her latest project is as the director and co-producer of the groundbreaking APTN docuseries, Treaty Road, that delves into the significance of the Numbered Treaties across Canada and confronts the difficult truths of colonization.

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Advancing and Shaping Careers: Uzezi Ekhator MHRM’23 and Jim Greenwood BAdmin’93


Uzezi Ekhator MHRM’23 and Jim Greenwood BAdmin’93 grew up almost half a world apart, with distinctly different life stories, but they share the belief that their co-op work term experiences at the University of Regina significantly contributed to the decisions they made that helped them to find careers that are a better fit for their skills, attributes, aspirations, and their ongoing successes.

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