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Parking Services

All parking on University of Regina properties is paid parking.

A variety of ePermit options are available to meet your parking needs.

Login to UR Parking Account to purchase your ePermit for the semester or utilize the PayByPhone app or PayStations to purchase parking time for all public parking areas.

Kisik Parkade Update: September 21, 2021

We have made a few changes to the parkade entry and exit. Our new smart parking solution includes a License Plate Recognition (LPR) module. Your license plate is now your ePermit. These changes are part of the phased approach to updating our parking infrastructure.

We have simplified your parkade access. A loop sensor will now detect your vehicle and the doors will then open. The entry panel/scanner is still in place but does not require a FOB to open the door. The intercom is still active so that you may contact us regarding entry issues.

The exit panel/scanner and gate arm have been removed. You will not be required to use you FOB to open the exit doors anymore. A loop sensor will now detect your vehicle and the door will then open.

The door to the elevator will also not require a FOB to open. The light on the reader will always show red (locked mode) even though is it actually unlocked. The only way to tell is to pull the door open. This door is also a fire door and is tied to the fire alarm system.       In the event of a fire, the door automatically latches and goes to a FOB system.

As well hotel guests and other members of the public may park. There is a pay station by the elevators. There will be no designated public parking or monthly parking areas in the parakde. Parking will be monitored and enforced by our LPR system to ensure monthly parkers a space. The Kisik parkade will be operating the same as the Dr. William Riddell Centre parkade.


Notice: September 3, 2021

Starting Tuesday, September 7, updated CKHS parkade entry/exit and paystation equipment will be installed. Parking Services staff will be on-site directing traffic entering and exiting the parkade. There will be only one driving lane so please drive slowly and carefully.

If you have questions please feel free to contact our front office at 306-585-5555 or email


Important Update: August 1, 2021

Parking Services has returned back to regular operations.


Public Parking
Public parking spaces include all surface PayByPhone and pay station
areas. Public parking above ground is $2 per hour, underground parkade
is $3.25 per hour and can be purchased using a pay station or the
PaybyPhone App.

Permit Holders
As a reminder, regular operations include the following information;
Z ePermit Holders – must park in their designated Z ePermit area
M ePermit Holders - must park in any M ePermit area
Resident ePermit Holders – must park in their designated resident area
Parkade ePermit holders - must park in their designated parkade

Purchasing Parking ePermits
If you will be on campus regularly, purchasing parking ePermits will be
your most feasible option. The cost of an M semester ePermit is $2.62
per day versus Public parking options at $2 per hour. A Lot 1 “Green” is
$1.84 per day. EPermits are available for purchase online You can also review and update your
parking account using the previous link.

Those with accessibility needs must have an Accessibility parking
permit accompanied with their parking ePermit. This may be done by
contacting the Parking Services office, or the SaskAbilities parking
permit must be displayed within the vehicle.

About Parking Services

Parking Services is a service of the University of Regina whose source of funding is from parking related user fees.

Parking Services works towards their purpose to:

  • offer a welcoming, fair, equitable and sustainable campus environment that enables and supports compliant parking.
  • strive to exceed expectations of the campus parking experience.
  • be a proactive service orientated team that continually strives to improve the campus parking experience.

Parking at the University

Several parking options are available to you, depending what what your parking needs are.  Choose one of the options below to find out your parking options and if you need a parking ePermit from Parking Services.

  1. Campus resident student (student living on campus) 
  2. Commuter student (student driving to campus)
  3. Visitor (non-university community visiting campus)