Parking and Transportation Services

All parking on University of Regina properties is paid parking.

A variety of ePermit options are available to meet your parking needs.

Login to UR Parking Account to purchase your ePermit for the semester or utilize the PayByPhone app or PayStations to purchase parking time for all public parking areas.

Evacuee Volunteers & Guests on Campus:

Please CLICK HERE for parking information while on campus

Faculty and staff parking cancellation reminder

If you are on payroll deduction, but wish to discontinue your parking due to working remotely and/or infrequently visiting campus, please email stating that you wish to cancel your parking ePermit.

It is important to remember that canceling your existing parking ePermit will mean securing parking privileges in your preferred lot cannot be guaranteed in the future and significant waitlists exist in several locations on campus.

About Parking and Transportation Services

Parking & Transportation Services is a service of the University of Regina whose source of funding is from parking related user fees.

Parking & Transportation Services works towards their purpose to:

  • offer a welcoming, fair, equitable and sustainable campus environment that enables and supports compliant parking.
  • strive to exceed expectations of the campus parking experience.
  • be a proactive service orientated team that continually strives to improve the campus parking experience.

Parking at the University

Several parking options are available to you, depending what what your parking needs are.  Choose one of the options below to find out your parking options and if you need a parking ePermit from Parking & Transportation Services.

  1. Campus resident student (student living on campus) 
  2. Commuter student (student driving to campus)
  3. Visitor (non-university community visiting campus)