Parking Related FAQs

How much does parking cost?

Public parking on the University of Regina campus is $2/hour for surface parking and $3.50/hour for parkade parking. If you require parking multiple times a week, it is financially beneficial to purchase a parking permit for monthly parking or longer. For details and costs of a permit, check out our Parking Rate

Why do I have to pay for parking?
All individuals who utilize parking facilities on campus must also share in the cost of providing these facilities and services regardless of status (student, staff, faculty, etc.) or guest designation. Parking fees help maintain improvements to parking lot quality and services for your safety and the safety of your vehicle.
Where can I park if my lot or lots are full?
  • You must contact us immediately after parking at 306-585-5555 to notify us of the situation, receive further information and avoid a potential parking citation.
  • If M area parking is full in the lot you want to park in, you will need to try a different M area. Lot 1 offers the largest M area parking on campus and will be the recommended option. 
  • If the assigned lot for your Z permit is full, you must park in your nearest Z area on campus. 
  • If the assigned lot for your Resident parking ePermit is full, you must park in the nearest Z area on campus.
My vehicle has broken down on campus; what do I need to do?

If you experience a break down in your parking spot or on campus roadways, contact us at 306-585-5555 and advise them that your vehicle is inoperable. You will need to provide your:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • License plate number
  • Issue with the vehicle
  • Vehicle location on campus
The electrical outlet in my Z area lot is not working.

The electrical outlets are an Intelligent Parking Lot Controller (IPLC) and have two lights, green and red, that will indicate if the outlet is working or if there is a problem. For what the lights indicate, please see below:

  • Flashing Green Light: this flashing green indicates that the outlet currently has power and you can plug in safely.
  • Solid Green Light: when the green light changes to solid, it indicates you have successfully plugged into the IPLC and your vehicle is receiving power through your extension cord.
  • Flashing Red Light: if the light changes from green to flashing red, this will indicate you have plugged in but no power is being sent to your vehicle due to a short circuit in your wiring or you have exceeded the wattage limits of the outlet (15 amps).
  • Solid Red Light: if the light on the outlet is a solid red, no power is being sent to your vehicle because the IPLC outlet is faulty. Please contact us at 306-585-5555  with the IPLC post number and report the situation.
    • Please Note: If the light changes to a flashing or solid red when you plug in, do not leave the cord inserted as it will cause all adjacent outlets on the same circuit to be without power.
Can I leave my vehicle here while I'm away?
Vehicles may park for no longer than 24 hours at a time unless your are living in one of our residences.

ePermit FAQs

When are parking ePermits required?

All parking requires an ePermit Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00 pm

The underground parkades require an ePermit at all times.


Do I have to pay for surface parking after 5:00 pm?

Complimentary surface parking is offered after 5:00 pm.

Timed zones are still enforced after 5:00pm for the time posted on the signs.  

Permits, a Saskatchewan Abilities Parking Permit or U o f R, are required 24/7 for Accessibility stalls.

How do I apply for a student parking ePermit?

Students registered through the University of Regina, First Nations University of Canada, Luther College, and Campion College can purchase parking ePermits in-person at our office or directly through your UR Parking Account by using your University login credentials to access your account. Debit cards cannot be used online.  

SaskPolyTech and U of S who live in our Residences, non SCBScN, students please contact us directly for parking account access.

What are the payment options for parking ePermits?
Students can access ePermits directly online through UR Parking Account by using your University login credentials to access your account or by visiting us for cash, cheque, or debit card payments.  Debit cards cannot be used online. 

Faculty & Staff can pay through payroll deductions, or annually online through UR Parking Account  or by visiting us for cash, cheque, or debit card payments.  Debit cards cannot be used online.

Can I register more than one vehicle on my ePermit?
You can register up to three vehicles on your ePermit as long as only one vehicle is parked on campus at a time. You are responsible for all plates on your account.
How do I add a vehicle license plate to my parking account?
Go to UR Parking Account to add the license plate click "View Permit"and then "add a new  vehicle". You want to ensure this is completed before parking on campus.
How do I add my name to parking waitlists?
Log into your parking account and choose "order permit", select "permit type", then click "join waiting list".  You may add your name on upto three waitlists.
Someone I know is leaving campus, can I take over their ePermit?
No you cannot take over an ePermit. If the user no longer needs their permit it will go to the first name on the waitlist.
I am leaving campus for a period of time, can I suspend my ePermit while I am away?
No, the ePermit will still require regular payments each month or you can choose to forfeit your ePermit and then reapply upon your return. Please be advised once you have relinquished your parking ePermit, if there is a waitlist, you will be placed at the bottom of that waitlist.
How do I cancel my parking permit?

If you paid for your parking online then email with your cancellation request and the exact cancellation date.

If you paid in person then come to our office.

A refund will be prorated for the time remaining on the ePermit.


The Pay Station or PaybyPhone is not working to purchase parking time; what can I do?
If a Pay Station is not working, you can download and use the PayByPhone App on your mobile device to purchase parking time. Or you may locate another pay station as indicated on the pay station map.
If you cannot access the PayByPhone App, contact us at 306-585-5555 for directions.
I’ve lost my permit/ticket for the Centre of Kinesiology and Health Studies Building (CKHS) parkade; what do I need to do to exit the parkade?
 If you have lost your permit/ticket required to exit the CKHS parkade, you must go to the Pay Station and select “lost ticket” from the available options. You will be required to pay the amount displayed and a new ticket will be printed for exiting the parkade.

Compliance & Citation FAQ

What is a citation?
Citations are fines issued due to violations of the parking bylaws enforced by the University of Regina.
I received a parking citation, what do I do?

You will have two options available if you have received a citation:

  • Pay your citation: you may pay the fine as indicated on the citation. For payments made within 14 calendar days you will be eligible for an early payment citation reduction on most infractions.
  • Appeal your citation: if you feel you cited in error, you may appeal your citation online within 7 calender days from the date of issue.
What is the early payment citation reduction?
If you have received a parking citation, most bylaws will grant 14 calendar days to pay the fine at a reduced cost. If you have not appealed the citation, or payment is not made within 14 days, you will then be responsible to pay the full citation amount.
How do I appeal multiple citations?
Citations must be appealed one at a time. If you wish to appeal multiple citations, then please submit a separate appeal for each citation received.
I appealed my citation and have not heard anything back. How do I get a status update?
Citation appeals usually take between 2-4 business days to review and process. Please contact the Compliance & Citations Administation Unit at 306-585-5399 if it has been longer than 7 business days.
What types of documents should I upload with my appeal?
Include documentation you feel with help support your appeal, such as, photos displaying where and how your vehicle was parked, proof of your ePermit, or a copy of your receipt from the Pay By Phone app or Pay Stations.
Can I get an extension on my citation?
Unfortunately, extensions are not available for citations. You will have 14 calendar days to make payment at the reduced rate or will be responsible to pay the full citation amount and will be issued a Notice of Pending Summons.
What if I cannot pay the full balance of my outstanding citations?
If you cannot remit payment for the full balance of your outstanding citations, you can apply for a Citation Payment Plan with Parking & Transportation Services. To be eligible for a payment plan the balance must exceed $50.00 and is only available for citations older than 14 calendar days.
I lost my citation. When is the due date for my citation?
In the event of a lost citation, please call the Compliance & Citations Administraion Unit at 306-585-5399 in order to receive the specific information regards your citation.
What happens if I forget to pay my citation?
If you have not made payment for your parking citation, after 14 calendar days, the University of Regina will send a “Notice of Pending Summons” to remind you to pay your outstanding citation. If payment for your citation is not made after being issued the “Notice of Pending Summons”, you will be issued a “Parking Summons”, which will charge you with a parking offence and result in a court appearance.


What is LPR?
License Plate Recognition (LPR) is an advanced parking technology that enables the use of ePermits through a vehicle’s license plate instead of paper permits or plastic hangtags. LPR increases parking efficiency on campus, provides customer convenience for parking, while greatly reducing the amount of paper and plastic waste produced.
How does LPR work?

Individuals will register their license plate information into the online parking system when purchasing their ePermit or purchasing parking privileges using a Pay Station or the PayByPhone app. The LPR software then combines this information with the individual’s payment and generates a virtual ePermit linked to that vehicle’s license plate number.

When a vehicle parks on campus, the license plate is captured by cameras mounted on parking enforcement vehicles, similar to a supermarket scanner but your license plate functioning as the barcode. When read, the license plate details are automatically referenced against the parking database to verify a valid ePermit is associated with the vehicle, if parking time had been purchased, and even confirms the proper parking privileges required for each location. If the license plate and vehicle information are not associated with a valid ePermit or the vehicle is parked in an inappropriate lot, then the vehicle will then be subject to a citation.

How does LPR benefit me?

The use of LPR technology…

  • Eliminates the need to display physical permits and the need to move permits from vehicle-to-vehicle.
  • Increased cost effectiveness with the reduction of printed permits and postage fees.
  • Enables paperless pay stations on campus and direct payment through your mobile device using the PayByPhone app for contactless payment and easy time renewal.
  • Returning to your vehicle to display a paper permit will no longer be necessary.
  • Lost or stolen permits and the associated fees and processing times are eliminated.
  • No more forgetting your permit, a permit falling from the rearview mirror or being displayed improperly.
  • Reduces waste and litter in all campus lots while greatly reducing the amount of paper and plastic consumed from creating physical permits.
  • You can purchase additional parking time easily from anywhere on campus using Pay Stations or the PayByPhone app and no longer need to return to your vehicle in the event added time is needed for your stay.
How will my license plate information be used?

The license plate information collected in this process will only be referenced against the campus database for the strict purpose of verifying parking privileges on campus.

If you have entered your telephone number through a Pay Station or enabled this account feature when using the PayByPhone app, this information is only used to automatically notify you when your purchased parking privilege is close to expiration to help you avoid receiving a citation.


How do I sign up?

Registration for your free PayByPhone account can be completed via the mobile app, the web app at, or by phone at 1-888-680-7275. The account will be activated immediately and your parking session can be started. The next time you log on, your details will be automatically recognized.

  • The following information is required to set up an account:
    • Mobile phone number
    • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
    • License plate of vehicle(s)
I do not have access to a credit card, how can I pay for parking?
Some Pay Stations in the building entrances are able to accept coin payments. Please see the public parking map to locate your nearest Pay Station or contact our office, 306-585-5555 for directions.
I can’t extend my parking session, why?
The location you are currently parked is a timed parking zone (30 minute / 2 hour) and you have parked for the maximum daily limit in this area. You will need to move your vehicle to another parking zone and begin another parking session using the new location number.
Can I transfer unused time to another parking spot?
No, unused time is non-transferrable. If you are needing to change your parking location, a new session will need to be started.
I entered the wrong location/vehicle licence plate number, what now?
Contact PaybyPhone asap 1-888-680-7275. If you can't change it then contact us, 306-585-5555. Failure to do so may result in a parking citation being issued.
Why is there a transaction fee?
The base transaction fee is $0.27 that is collected by PaybyPhone for using their app. Refer to your PaybyPhone set up options for details. 
I am not receiving notifications from PayByPhone that my parking time is about to expire.
Ensure that “SMS Text Notifications” is turned “on” to allow the PayByPhone app to notify you by text message that your time is close to expiration so you can extend the time (if permitted).
How does parking enforcement know I’ve paid by phone?
When you pay for parking through PayByPhone, your license plate and parking time are automatically sent to our parking software.  We use License Plate Recognition software to monitor paid and unpaid parking on our campuses. 

Pay station

What is pay by plate parking?

Pay by plate parking enables customers to purchase parking time by using their license plate number.

The pay stations print a receipt that generally displays the location, parking zone, start time, expiration time, amount paid, and license plate.

Is this pay by plate different from pay and display parking?
Yes, “pay by plate” is different than “pay and display” parking because it doesn’t require placing a parking receipt on the window of your car.
How much does it cost per hour?

Surface parking costs $2.00 /hour up to maximum 9 hours. After 5:00 pm, free evening parking comes in effect and the pay stations will not let parkers to buy or extend parking time.

Parkade parking costs $3.50/hour up to a maximum of 24 hours.  Parkade parking is always paid parking.

What information is required to use a pay station?
You must enter your license plate number and how long you want the parking session.
What payment options are there at a pay station?

Credit card tap and exact coins/bills at interior building pay stations.  Outside pay stations only use credit card tap.

Debit, virtual and prepaid cards are not accepted.

Can I use the same pay station to extend my parking session?
You may use any pay station to extend your parking session.