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Citation Payment Plan

Please complete the below form.

If you require more time to pay your outstanding citation balance, or have a had your on campus parking privileges suspended due to a high citation balance and you wish to resume parking on campus.

If your request is approved, you will be provided with a payment schedule and if applicable your parking privileges will be restored.

To be eligible for a Citation Payment Plan:

* Your citation(s) must be older than 14 days.
* Minimum balance owing in citation fees is $50 or greater.
* All fields with (*) must be completed prior to submission.

Please Select Payment Schedule For Citation Payment Plan: *
By applying for a Citation Payment Plan, it is considered an admission of guilt in relation to the included citation(s). Your application submission will hereby waive the right to further appeal these citations through the University of Regina or Provincial Bylaw Court. Do you accept the terms of application? *
Have you previously defaulted on a payment plan with Parking and Transportation Services *
Please be advised that a single missed payment will result in a defaulted Payment Plan and that the remaining balance will be due in full. Also if applicable your on campus parking privileges will be subject to suspension. If you are going to be late on a payment please contact Compliance and Citation Management to make arrangements. The balance owing will be divided into payment installments of no less than $25.00 per installment (with the exception of the final installment payment, if the balance remaining is less than $25.00); a Citation Payment Plan term will not exceed four months, if you have an excessive account balance an alternate payment schedule may be approved by University of Regina Parking and Transportation Services. *