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Sustainable Alternatives

The University of Regina offers great alternatives for coming to campus each day. From enjoying a scenic walk or leisurely bicycle ride through Wascana park, you can easily access our Main Campus or the historic College Avenue Campus. 

There is easy access to the outdoor bicycle racks and indoor secure bike areas, convenient Regina Transit access, dedicated motorcycle areas, EV charging stations and beautiful walking paths on our campuses grounds.

The U of R's Office of Sustainability is a hub of initiatives and details.

EV Charging on Campus

As part of the University’s commitment to sustainability, we have activated two Level 2 EV charging stations in Lot 14. This is a 24/7 user-fee-based service for our campus community ePermit holders. The University of Regina’s PaybyPhone app can be used  to pay for charging.  All vehicles must pay to park on campus. If you have a U of R eParking permit then you only need to pay for your EV charging using the PaybyPhone app.  When on campus, EV vehicles are only to use the Lot 14 EV charging stations to charge.

 STATUS: The two stations are currently undergoing maintenance. Please check our Current News page for updates.

            How it works:

  • Park in one of the two charging parking stalls.
  • Open the PaybyPhone parking app and enter the appropriate location code.
  • Pay for your charging time.
  • Select a connector and begin charging.
  • Once charging is complete, remove the connector, replace it in the station charger holder, and hang up the cables.
  • Move your vehicle to your permitted area so that others may use the charging station. You may park in these stalls only when actively charging.

Regina Transit Service

Purchasing Bus Tickets and R-Cards

Regina Transit tickets and monthly passes (R-Cards) can be purchased from the University of Regina Students’ Union office, located on the second floor of the Riddell Centre. If the URSU office is closed, you can purchase tickets or R-Cards at any Regina Transit tickets agent.

Information about the UPass program can be found on the University of Regina Students' Union (URSU) website.

Employee Transit Pass Program

This program allows employees to purchase a transit pass through payroll deduction at a discounted rate. The Adult R-Card under this program will cost 16.7% less per month than the current price of the adult 31 day pass. (Employees under this program receive 12 months for the cost of 10 months).


Motorcycle owners need to buy a ePermit for the parking area they wish to park including the designated motorcycle parking areas. Preferred motorcycle parking areas are in Lot 3 and Lot 14.

You can purchase your parking ePermit through UR Parking Account or in person by visiting us on weekdays 7:45am to 4:15pm.


Carpooling is a transportation alternative that Reginans are embracing to save money and save the environment. Carpooling only one day per week can reduce commuting costs (including parking and vehicle maintenance costs) by 10%.

The University supports your sustainability efforts by providing preferred parking when you carpool and arrive on campus between 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. To park in carpool areas you must have a minimum of two driver's license aged occupants and a carpool designation added to your existing M ePermit. 

Locations of Carpool Parking Stalls

Carpool stalls are loctaed in Lots 1, 6 & 13.


The City of Regina and the Wascana Centre Authority offer several multi-use pathways that you can use to cycle to University for class or work.  You can download printable maps of their bike pathways from their websites.

The University of Regina offers various bicycle storage options to securely store your bicycle.

  • Outdoor Bike Racks are available at the primary entrances to buildings to lock your bicycle. View these bike stand locations on the Main Campus map.and the College Avenue Map.
  • Indoor Bike Cage access is available for $5/month in the Centre for Kinesiology Parkade and the Kisik Parkade. A $10 deposit is required for the access fob which is refundable when it is returned. Access fobs are available at our office in College West.

 For campus safety, bikes may not be affixed to posts, trees, benches or left in foyers or non-designated areas. 

Bike Rentals are coming soon.  We have two Townie style bikes that we will use as rentals.  As a soft launch the rentals will be for one hour at a time. Perfect for a lunch time ride!


The University of Regina's Main Campus is situated on the shores of Wascana Lake, so you can take the walking paths through Wascana Centre. You can also get to College Avenue Campus by walking along the paths of Wascana Centre.

Plan your route from the Wascana Centre  website.