Elsworth Baker

BAKER, ELSWORTH (1903-1985)
Regina College Student and Psychotherapist

Elsworth F. Baker was born in 1903 in South Dakota, USA and was a 17 year old student at Regina College during the school year 1920/21, and won first prize in Mathematics that year, he later attended the Regina Normal School.  Baker became a psychotherapist who studied and worked with Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) for 11 years.  Reich is credited with the discovery of a biological energy, “orgone energy”, the study of which is Orgonomy, and which follows along Freud’s idea on the libido.   In 1967 Baker founded the Journal of Orgonomy and the American College of Orgonomy located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Dr. Baker’s publication, Man in the Trap was published 18 times during 1957 and 2000, he died in 1985.

Written by E Seitz, 2019

Archival Collections (Finding Aids in PDF format)

2019-57 - E. F. Baker/J.W. Ansley, Short Notes on Biology Notebook, Regina College, 1921