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University Women’s Club / University of Regina Women

Canadian Federation of University Women
Faculty Wives Club
University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus Faculty Wives Club
University Women’s Club
University of Regina Women’s Club

The club now known as University of Regina Women has had various titles, they have been the University of Regina Women's Club, and Faculty Wives’ Club.  The group was begun by women who were socially aware, who saw in their communities the necessity for taking leadership roles that could bring more focus to the needs and concerns of their community.

The first meeting of 16 women was held in November 1915 where it was decided that the objectives would include stimulating intellectual growth in women while at the same time advancing culture, and educational learning of the community thereby promoting civic reform.  They worked for the war effort, peace, public education, immigration and social welfare, the group altered its focus when and where necessary.

Membership in the Club is open to all women employed at the University as well as those employed on either the College Avenue Campus or the Main Campus.  The club offers support, assistance and fellowship to new teaching staff and their wives, they also act as a service group to assist with Convocation Teas and other University related events.  They also continuously raise money for scholarships and bursaries.

In 1992, the University Women's Club of Regina changed its name to the Canadian Federation of University Women, this change of name, it was felt, better reflected the national relationship of the group to other branches.

E. Seitz, 2018

Archival Collections (Finding Aids in PDF format)

95-51 - Regina College Artifacts - University Women’s Club engraving block

2010-20 - University Women’s Club of Regina Papers, 1976-1986

2011-42 - Executive Information, 1963-2006

2012-85 - Membership and Publications, 1975-2005

2014-24 - Canadian Federation of University Women, Regina Branch Publications, [1986]-1994

2018-58 - Material in Howard Leyton-Brown, 1972-1998