The Department of Gender, Religion, and Critical Studies


The Department of Gender, Religion, and Critical Studies encompasses two diverse areas of study - Women's and Gender Studies, and Religious Studies.

Religious Studies (RLST) offers courses on a variety of religious traditions, on current issues, and on academic approaches to religious phenomena. The essential goal of these courses is to offer students the opportunity to critically examine the realm of the religious in all of it manifestations and to explore some of the ways people have addressed perennial issues about life and human destiny. Religious Studies courses are not designed to foster personal religious commitment or to evaluate the relative merits of various religious practices, traditions, and points of view. Rather, students of Religious Studies at the University of Regina learn to read and think critically and acquire the skills that facilitate the study and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Women's and Gender Studies (WGST) is an interdisciplinary subject area that enables students to focus on the critical study of gender and women's issues. Courses in WGST are designed to promote critical awareness and appreciation of the diverse experiences of women. WGST courses complement course requirements in most disciplines by emphasizing women's roles and contributions to society. Hence students can include in their program a broad range of courses from various disciplines that deal specifically with the study of women and/or gender.

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