Co-op Spotlight - Jingyu Li

Jingyu (Sophie) Li is a former Psychology Co-op Student who completed her third Work Term at the RICE lab at the University of Regina

About the RICE lab at the University of Regina.....

The Regina Integrative Cognitive Experimentation (RICE) lab combines expertise in Psychology and Computer Science to study human-computer interaction and experimental psychology. It features several individual cubicles for data collection, including one workstation with wearable eye-tracking equipment. For more information, please visit


RICE lab
Jingyu (Sophie) Li at the RICE lab


Sophie spent many volunteer hours in the RICE lab prior to her work term. During a typical work day, Sophie scheduled and supervised data collection, including providing instructions and debriefing for research participants, in addition to other tasks. The experiments conducted during Sophie’s work term investigated topics such as visual attention, perceptual learning and intuitive statistical knowledge, among others. Sound interesting? The RICE lab has an ongoing need for research participant volunteers from any area of study; to sign up, visit RIC 115 or call 306-585-5339 or register online:

Sophie’s supervisor, Dr. Chris Oriet, described her as a reliable and valued member of his RICE lab team.

The Co-op Program is proud to recognize the enthusiasm and support of Sophie Li and Dr. Chris Oriet.

With employer feedback praising her outstanding punctuality, performance and attitude, we are proud to welcome Jingyu Li back to campus after a very successful third work term.