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University of Regina Faculty Club


The Regina Campus Faculty Club was incorporated in 1965 as a non-profit private club and was originally located in the Conservatory Building on the University's College Avenue Campus.  In 1975 the Club moved to the second floor of the College West Building on the University's main campus and in 1993 became known as the University Club.  The Club was managed by a Board of Directors who are appointed for a two year term at the membership’s annual general meeting.  The Board of Directors includes a President, Past President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and the members at large.  The Board of Directors appoints the University Club Manager to oversee daily operations of the Club.

The Club was a member based non-profit corporation that operated for over 50 years.  Two types of memberships were available:  U of R Regular (voting) and Associate (non-voting).  In 2017 Regular memberships were available to any full time employee of the University of Regina, its affiliated colleges: Campion College, Luther College and the First Nations University of Canada.  Associate memberships were available to anyone who did not qualifying for a Regular membership.  Associate Memberships were divided into two types, these were a Corporate Membership which was available to corporations and businesses near the University and a Friend of The Club membership was available to retired employees, members of the near-by community who were not employed by the University or its associated colleges.  Graduate and undergraduate students (in their 4th year or higher), sessional lecturers and other non-full time employees of the University could also take advantage of this type of membership.

At the time of its closing the main area of the University Club Dining Room had seating for between 60 to 80 people, 20 more seats were located in the Window Room, (which could double as a meeting space), and the Club's lounge could seat up to 40 people.  Full-service catering was available for all manner of University-related events or general events held on campus.  These services included food, bar service, staff, rentals and décor if needed.

Renovated in 2004 and again in 2010 resulted in additional office space and a new Club entrance where they were able to install coat racks and chairs.  The Club ceased to operate in 2017.

Revised, Elizabeth Seitz, 2018

Archival Collections (Finding Aids in PDF format)

87-12 - Office files, 1969-1983

97-34 - Office files, 1995-1997

2012-81 - Minutes and Agendas, 1975-1992

2015-31 - Office files, 1974-1998

2017-43 - Minutes and Exhibition Related Material, 1970-2015

2018-6 - Office files, 1999-2016

2018-8 - Victor Cicansky Sculptures, Planter Man and Planter Woman, 1998/199