Student Headcounts

We encourage using statistics from this report for most inquiries. These reports are based on Student Counts for Universities Canada [formerly the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)] National Fall Count Data, at the end of the fourth week of classes.

About the Reports

These are "as of date" counts; actual enrolments may increase slightly as late registration information is added. Students counted are those registered in the Fall Term for one or more credits towards a University of Regina Degree, Certificate or Diploma. Graduate students maintain status while engaged in thesis work.


FTE (Full Time Equivalent) uses the Statistics Canada formula: FTE = FT + (PT/3.5)

See also: Statistics Canada's Post-Secondary Student Information System

FT = Full Time; 9 or more credit hours in Term for Undergraduates, 6 or more for Graduate students

PT = Part Time

~ indicates programs no longer offered

Universities Canada National Fall Count Data Reports

2018 National Fall Count (485 KB) PDF
2018 National Fall Count summary by Faculty (412 KB) PDF